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    Twins? What do I do? They’re both alive !

    Help! We have a hatchling that happens to be twins! They are both alive.. one is super small. What do we do?
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    HELP! New born bottom shell part is not flat ?

    Help! We have this new hatchling and the bottom of its shell is not flat! Will it flatten out as it gets older ? Is this something I should be concerned about ? ( I am not a breeder my tortoise just laid eggs )
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    Help! Baby Hermann Tortoise hatchling

    Hello! I am looking for some help. A few months back, we found out our tortoise laid eggs. We have had these two hermann tortoise for 6 years and did not expect one would be a male and one would be female.. anyways long story short they laid eggs. I purchased an incubator and 2 months later one...
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    Need help! Is it bad for my hermann tortoise to sleep under the dirt ?

    Hi everyone, I have two hermann tortoise and one of them I recently got and she's a tiny little baby. She always burrow under the dirt and sleep. My question is, is that bad for them to sleep under the dirt? Btw both of them do that, I assume it's normal but I want to make sure. Thanks everyone
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    Can anyone tell me if my Hermann's tortoise is eastern or western?

    Hi everyone, this is my baby Hermann's tortoise. I actually do not know if she's a western or eastern. Can someone help me identify her please? Thank You!