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  1. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Anyone heard of Reptilite substrate?

    Hi, Came across an ad today for a calcium reptile substrate called Reptilite. It claims to be safe for tortoises because it is '100% edible and easily digestible' and spherical, to avoid scratching your pet (inside or out) Contains argonite, stronium and magnesium - no silica or phosphorus...
  2. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Check my shell?

    So, without taking into account the split scute, does Herbert's shell look normal? (I know that a split scute isn't uncommon and nothing to worry about, I only specified because I asked this once before and the only reply I got was about that) 3 month old Hermann's, bathed daily, with...
  3. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Me again... worried about hatchling's health

    Really sorry to keep bothering you, but this morning I found Herbie sleeping under his log hide - I let him be. I came back around an hour later, with some weeds, and he was still there. I wafted them around a bit, and with this he's normally out like a shot, but not today. Left him for around...
  4. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Need some help... (how much to feed?)

    Hello. Just having my daily panic sesh. I'm really confused about how much to feed my Herbie (3 month old Hermann's) and the variety of what to feed. Got dandelion, watercress, rocket, the odd other weed (we have some growing) and occasionally, curly kale. Does this sound okay? Also, how often...
  5. ILoveTorts&Gerbils


    I read somewhere that honeysuckle is safe to feed. Now, I have a honeysuckle plant growing in my garden - no pesticides or weed killer. Plus, my room would smell nice! Is it true that it's safe to feed? And do you use the whole flower, or just the leaves?
  6. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Panicked owner (So afraid of doing something wrong)

    Hi, I'm terrified that I'm doing something wrong for my young Hermann's hatchling. I'm changing the topsoil into Coco Coir. I've ordered a second thermometer and the temperature is around 28 in the middle of the tank, neither the hottest or the coldest part of the tank. The humidity is a little...
  7. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Tortoise identification needed!

    So these are the two I pet-sat for a few hours, Pepper and George. The owners have no idea on species, age or sex. A rough age would be great if you can manage it! Thank you!
  8. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    9 week-old Hermann's

    This is the new addition to our family! No name as of yet.
  9. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Tortoise table furnishings

    I'm setting up my Hermann's table. He's only a hatchling. I have all the 'essentials' and a log hide, spider plant and nest area. I'm also planning on buying a small terracotta pot as a hide, as well as a cuttlefish bone. What enrichments can I put in? I'll include pictures.
  10. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Tortoise sitting!

    Hi, Sorry that I'm posting so much, I really hope I'm not making a nuisance of myself. The tortoises are coming today for us to look after for a while. The weather is alright here; it's quite warm on our patio, so I was thinking of letting them bask there with supervision (and our dog shut...
  11. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Who has a Border Terrier?

    This is Paddy, my five year old Border. He still thinks he's a puppy... I've got loads more pics on my phone!
  12. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Tortoise shopping-list

    Hi everyone! I've been thrilled with the responses from my old thread, please do keep them coming! I thought that this was slightly too off-topic for that thread, though, so I made this one. My question is: What do I need for a Hermann's tortoise? (Junior) Please be as detailed as possible...
  13. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Original Sherlock Holmes Books

    Well? Who else is a fan? I'm not far from obsessed. I sort of go into Holmes withdrawal whenever I finish a book. I must have read the series at least four times by now!
  14. ILoveTorts&Gerbils

    Hopefully a soon-to-be tortoise owner needs advice!

    Hi, I've got no idea if I'm doing this right, so I apologise if I'm not. I'm a mature 14 year-old, whose family is interested in owning their first tortoise (not counting the one my dad had as a child, since knowledge on tortoise has evolved immensely since then!) We live in the UK, and...