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    I have been considering buying another tortoise for my son. The Sulcata I have is my daughters and he wants one of his own. There is a Russian tortoise on my local Craigslist. I sent an email to the poster asking a few q's about the tort. The person said it was a male, approx 5 years old, 4 1/2"...
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    Has anyone had contact with them? I've been trying to get in contact with them for about 3 weeks and can't get a response. Anyone know anything? Are they still around?
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    I just moved into a new house and some of this is growing in the yard by the fence. I have no idea what it is. Was wondering if it is tort safe.
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    Does anyone know if its alright for a Sulcata to eat Mint?
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    I bought a scale today. Just a little ounce/gram scale. Because last time I was at the vet he said that my tort had lost some weight. Well, I weighed her and she was about 1.5 ounces. She's still losing!!! I have no idea why. She eats everyday but I'm concerned that she isn't eating enough and I...
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    How are their senses?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how well a tort's senses are? How well do they see? Smell? Feel? Hear? I've noticed that whenever I takes pics of my tort with my phone she comes straight for it and tries to eat it!! The cover of my phone is red, can she see color? Just curious.
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    My last vet visit I was told that my tort lost weight. He also told me I could bring her in and have her weighed anytime I wanted but, the office is 30 minutes away and I don't want to take her out in the cold for at least an hour just to weigh her. So I was thinking I would like to get a scale...
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    New home

    Sparkles got a new home yesterday. Any questions, comments, suggestions welcome. She's never done this before, but while I was taking photos she decided to snuggle down in the substrate.(Orchard Grass)
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    Growing cactus

    Ive read that you can break off a piece of prickly pear pads and plant it and it will grow. I have some pads and was thinking of trying to grow my own since my tort loves it so much. Does anyone know, is it that easy? Is there any special things I have to do for it to grow?
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    HELP!!! I'm scared!!

    I just took Sparkles out for soaking. I noticed before I soaked her that her left nostril looked clogged or just odd to me. I soaked her for a few minutes and saw that the "clog" was loose so I grabbed the tweezers to get it off for her and now she has a big hole in her nose!!!! What is this...
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    My girl (pics)

    Drinking... Walking through the grass instead of eating it...
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    I've been going back and forth in my head about building a tort table or using a "rabbit cage" for my torts new enclosure. I have a question though about building a wood tort table. Does it matter what kind of wood I would use? I would need to seal it in order to make it waterproof, would this...
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    A Few Questions

    First question: Are torts suppose to poop everday? I have not seen mine go in a few days. Next: I bought some dried Orchard grass for my girl. I know she needs the fiber. I chopped it in the blender for her, but she has no interest in it. She has become addicted to cactus!!! I give her a...
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    Care Sheets

    Maybe I'm not finding them, but I was thinking it may be a good idea to post gereral care sheets in each section. Species specific for each tort. For newbie to tort's like me. It would great to have all the info. in one place to read up on. Would that be possible?
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    Bladder Stones

    I read somewhere that tort's can get bladder stones. Does anyone know what they look like, what causes them? I'm asking because I think my tort may have passed a couple. I found a small pebble in her enclosure. It almost looks crystal like. Any info on these?
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    A Special Thanks

    I would just like to say a Special Thanks to all of you here that have helped me. I have asked many questions and I'm sure I will have many more. All of you have given me lots of information and have been very helpful to me in learning how to take care of my baby tort. (Sparkles) Thank you all...
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    Eating her poop!?!

    I was just doing some rearranging in my little torts enclosure. She was out roaming around, looking hungry (as she always does) So, I gave her a little cactus to munch on. She ate and started to roam around again and then she pooped. Before I got to it to clean it up, she turned around and ate...
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    Night time temps.

    I was told by the breeder I got my Sulcata from that I should keep the heat lamp on at all times in her enclosure. I have been doing this since I got her. What I want to ask is...should I keep doing it or should I be turning her light off at night to let the temperature drop a little? When the...
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    I just love her!

    Ok, I've been reading through the threads and there is some great information here. During my research on the net (like I said in my introduction thread) I have many conflicting ideas on the proper care of a Sulcata. One question I have is humidity. I was told (by the breeder that I bought...
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    I made it!!!

    Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to find this place today! I have recently purchased my second Sulcata tortoise. ( the first one died, R.I.P.) I'm hoping to learn as much as I can to keep this one alive, happy, and healthy. I have done A LOT of research and have found it very confusing on...