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    Baby Russian Tortoise

    Looking to get a baby Russian Tortoise, is there anyone on this forum that sales them and is of course reputable.
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    Dehydrated leopard tortoise

    I bought a leopard tortoise from Tortoise Supply and it was very dehydrated. They did offer me a refund, but I decided to keep it and have been treating it. It seems to be getting better slowly. I know it may not turn out well, but I feel I’m the best chance it may have. I have a short post on...
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    Need opinion about my new baby leopard tortoise.

    I got a new leopard tortoise almost 7 days ago. When I got him his eyes were shut. I soaked him right away and he drank for like 10 minutes straight. His poop is solid but it is white. I believe he is dehydrated, I’ve been soaking him every day for 20 minutes and he drinks a lot, but I’ve only...