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    Ok thanks
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    Is this edible
  3. leonardo the tmnt

    Lost sulcata

  4. leonardo the tmnt

    Lost sulcata

    Hi i lost 2 small sulcatas 2 weeks ago but found one then yesterday I checked to see if he was there and he wasn't. I live in Houston tx
  5. leonardo the tmnt

    Turtles for sale in Houston Tx

    Ok I'm gonna keep em in mind
  6. leonardo the tmnt

    Turtles for sale in Houston Tx

    Does anyone have turtles for sale in Houston Tx like map turtles(hatchling)
  7. leonardo the tmnt

    Suggestions for a 50 galllon single fish occupant

    They look like fish brainiacs with that huge bump they have ! :)
  8. leonardo the tmnt

    Sad story

    Ok I will do that. They only measured 3 inches
  9. leonardo the tmnt

    Sad story

    My 2 smaller sulcatas are lost. I think they escaped under a hole I found in the enclosure were there was a rock I had put so they wouldn't escape but today the rock wasn't there. Do you think a raccoon could have gotten it the top didn't have mesh.
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    Remodeled enclosure

    I never showed you guys my enclosure but know since I added more things like hides and I moved my enclosure where there is a big stump where they can kinda bask on or if it rains they can get on top of it. (Sorry for the long run on sentence)
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    New here.

    Welcome to the forum
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    Huge leopard tortoises

    Wow they are huge!!
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    New hide

    Nice!! It's the tort cave!!!
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    I'm a ROOKIE !!!!!

    Welcome to forum!!:)
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    Getting big

    What a beauty !!
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    Stopped By Petco Today

    Yeah me to I even doubled read to see if I had missed something;)!!