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    Getting A Tortoise Before Adulthood

    Hi, I had a tortoise last year however, he died and I've been looking a lot into getting a new tortoise and I think I can take care of one well but I'm 16 and my mom is worried about when I go to college what to do with a Tortoise. I want a Greek so not a large tortoise and I'm wondering if...
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    Where To Buy A Greek?

    I wanna buy a well-started Ibera Greek tortoise but I don't know where to get one. There aren't any local places that I know of so if there are any breeders on here I could talk to or good websites anyone knows it would be appreciated.
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    Beginner In Need Of Advice (getting another tortoise)

    Last year I got a baby Greek Tortoise and everything necessary for him however, even after following everything I had read he still died. I still have the enclosure, substrate, etc. so I wanna get another one but I would like to know if there's anything you think I should know beforehand? I'm...
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    Is my tortoise dead?

    I got a greek tortoise hatchling a few weeks ago. Last night I had him out of his cage while he was asleep and while he was in my hand he peed and then stretched out his legs and then his head bt 3 times. Since then he has not responded to touch. Last afterwards he felt extremely limp and did...
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    Greek Hatchling Shell Smooth Spots

    I just recently got my first tortoise, he is a little Greek tortoise and I've been trying to monitor his health as well as I can and look for abnormalities. I briefly saw these spots before but thought it was a little bit of water until just now I realized it's just a small smooth protrusion on...