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    Awesome adult breeder sulcata tortoises available

    These awesome adults are available in trios of one male and two females together. $1300 bucks per head. These are the Sudanese tortoises. Serious inquiries only, thanks. Please use the contact form at this link to reach me: Contact me here
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    I've bred these multiple generations, here is a photo of the facility I keep them in, and a few specimens, for interest.
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    Sulcata- 250 lb + male specimens

    These guys are still growing, all of them are over 250 pounds. The 246 pounder (no photo of him here) I mentioned in the other thread was noticeably smaller than these guys so my estimate of 250-265 pounds is conservative. My animals all originate from the Sudan. I've noticed that they get much...
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    Hi I'm Brad, I found this forum while reading the 'net. Looks like fun and there are some interesting threads I keep & breed sulcata tortoises mainly, and for a very long time! :tort: Photos of some of my animals can be seen on Steph's website, the Sulcata Station. Regards, B