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    Sulcata- 250 lb + male specimens

    Hi, Thanks! I make my own in bulk. I've been doing this for about the last 10-12 years or so. It is given to the animals that live outdoors three times per week. I have a formula for D3 and calcium carbonate professionally mixed in bulk, this I put with food grade dicalcium phoshpate, the...
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    Do you have a bigger tortoise?

    Dean, I estimate mine in the 95 to 135 pound range. Just a thought, I sold well over two hundred fifty adult specimens during the years I was building the collection. Most of the sold were adults. You very well could have one of those specimens.
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    Sulcata- 250 lb + male specimens

    Here are three more males. I set a Coke can for size reference.
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    Do you have a bigger tortoise?

    Wow! If that is an accurate weight, that is the heaviest female I've heard of.
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    Hatchling Growth Rates

    Well, perlite is definitely not shiny, at least. I think the notion of using constant high environmental humidity as a means to control water loss in hatchling sulcata is misplaced. The best place for moisture is inside the tortoise, with the tortoise controlling its moisture loss by barrier...
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    sulcata squeak, should I be concerned?

    'Squeaking' is not pathognomonic; it can be an indication of stress due to a number of possibilities. For example, too hot at night, (this most often occurs in larger tortoises over three inches that are still on a super warm hatchling regimen), or too cold in the day, bladder stones due to...
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    Hatchling Growth Rates

    All tortoises, ALL tortoises I own, are given RO water, fwiw. Hard water can play hob on hatchlings in my experience. Btw, I don't incubate w/ vermiculite. I use dry perlite.
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    New Outdoor home for Skipper and Buddy

    Cute torti! I would screw down a rubber horse stall mat on the ramp and get rid of that blanket asap.
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    Mystery Sulcata - Found in the desert with an old injury?

    Interesting story! That tortoise looks like he has been on his own in the wild for quite some time. Which is fascinating, because Utah's deserts are rather cold in winter. Regarding injuries that I have seen like that, tortoises tend to grow 'around' those areas. His conformation may never be...
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    Awesome adult breeder sulcata tortoises available

    These awesome adults are available in trios of one male and two females together. $1300 bucks per head. These are the Sudanese tortoises. Serious inquiries only, thanks. Please use the contact form at this link to reach me: Contact me here
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    Sulcata Burrows

    Tom, ground temps about 60 in winter.
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    Sulcata Burrows

    Don't let my way fool you, the tortoises' burrows descends just as steeply as usual from the point at the face of the trench. My openings face south All year around. No problems. If you study the photos closely, you'll see the upper layer of usual sandy desert soil, then the...
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    Sulcata Burrows

    Here are a couple of sulcata burrows that I began with the method I described in another thread. I lowered bleach bottles into the trench for scale comparison purposes.
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    How to move a 150 pound male sulcata

    My opinion is, it's summer time and it is raining. No big deal leave him be.
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    Temps For Hatchling Sulcatas

    Tiny G. sulcata need these well ventilated temps until they get to 3-3.5 inches, then the night time low needs to start to dropping down a little. More as the tortoise grows. The reason is not that babies are different; the reason is because of heat storage and heat loss issues, due to size.
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    We met at the halfway point and did a nice Mexican lunch.
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    Hi can someone sex my sulcata please

    Gender could still go either way.Try to watch closely when the tortoise pushes out a stool; you may see him evert his penis at that time, which will give a definitive answer to what his gender is. However, a lack of spotting a penis does not mean you have a female with 100 percent certainty at...
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    Sulcata reproduction

    I've seen females as small as about 17-18" produce eggs.
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    Species Selection and Your Climate

    The effect of climate on choice of species appears to be secondary to the effect climate has on influencing the way the animals are kept.
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    I see. Thanks for explaining, Neltharion, and thanks for those links.