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    Plasteron markings Red Foot Hatchlingish

    Hello, I have Tortilla here a 6 monthish red foot. Been noticing a brown markings building on the plasteron and just wanted to confirm it's nothing to be overly concerned about.
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    Humidity Inquiry

    Hello, Little bit of background, I am an industrial refrigeration mechanic so air quality is my business at all points of my day. You can imagine the lengths I have gone to set up a the proper air quality for my Red Foot and Marginated hatchlings. My question is, to what extend should I be...
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    Tortoise Mart??

    Hello, I am still on my search for egyptian tortoises to adopt up in Canada and I came across Now after going through their website, I feel I have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. There were some red flags going off about their website that sounded a bit too...
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    Hibiscus Powder

    Has anyone ever heard of feeding their tortoise hibiscus powder, and if so, was it beneficial for your tort? The area we currently live in is very seasonal for hibiscus flowers, and we were wondering if it would be worth while for us to purchase the powder and give our tortoises a sprinkle every...
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    Looking to buy!

    Hello, my girlfriend and I are fairly new to the game and are currently on the search to adopt an Egyptian tortoise from a reputable breeder. We currently live in central Alberta, Canada and are hoping to find someone who breeds or can acquire a hatchling in this country but will always accept...