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    Tortoise Talk Proves A Turtle Surprise

    The attached was in today's Times:
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    RIP Daisy

    Good evening everyone, Anyone whose read my thread Daisy Has A Cold will know that Daisy was very ill with TB. I decided to let her go at 80 years and now she is asleep. I am heartbroken. Going back to cuddle Jacky MaNaAk
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    Daisy Has A Cold

    Good morning everyone, I was just wondering how you would treat a Greek Tortoise with a cold. Daisy won't be hibernating and her enclosure is at 28 degrees with a heat bar. MaNaAk
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    Happy Birthday Jacky

    Happy Birthday Jacky! 87 today!
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    Does Anyone Still Soak Their Tortoise Prior To Hibernation?

    Good evening everyone, I just want to know if anyone soak's their tortoise prior to hibernation. I thought Jacky looked dehydrated today so I gave her a soak and she went a bit hyper. She climbed everywhere and flipped twice! This will be her second year of hibernating inside and she will be 87...
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    Dirk The Galapagos Tortoise

    Hello everyone. Dirk the Galapagos tortoise is in the Times! MaNaAk
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    Happy Birthday Daisy

    Happy 80th Birthday Daisy! Jacky and MaNaAk
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    Hibernating One Tortoise But Not The Other

    Good morning everyone! For those who are following my Jacky and Daisy thread I shall be hibernating Jacky but not Daisy. I shall begin by feeding them separately and monitoring what they both eat whilst getting a new enclosure set up for Daisy. MaNaAk
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    Pet Sitter For Tortoises's In The UK

    Good evening everyone. I might be going away for night and was wondering whether anyone here has ever had a pet sitter for their tortoises's. I can't ask family because I don't get on with my brother although I may be able to get a friend to take Jacky and Daisy. When I'm out during the day...
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    Giant Tortoise Rescued By Network Rail

    Good evening everyone. I'm just wondering whether anyone in the UK has noticed an article on Google about a giant tortoise being rescued by network rail. I hope he's okay as he was clipped by a train. MaNaAk
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    Would You Believe It!

    Good afternoon everyone! Daisy had a scan without being sedated because she was such a good girl. The initial reports show that the build of calcium, which could be the cause of the lumps, is due to unfertilised eggs! Just to let you know that Jacky is Jacqueline. When the results come back the...
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    Insurance For Older Tortoises's

    Good evening everyone, Does anyone in the UK know whether I can get my older tortoises's insured? Jacky a Greek Tortoise is 86 and Daisy another Greek Tortoise is 79. Anyone who has read my Jacky And Daisy Are On The Move thread will know that Daisy is under a vet at the moment. Thankyou very...
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    Is Anyone In The UK Giving Their Tortoises's Extra Soaking In The Heatwave?

    This is probably a silly question but is anyone in the UK giving their tortoises's extra soaking in our current heatwave? MaNaAk
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    Are There Any Side-Effects In Hydrotherapy?

    Good morning everyone, This maybe a silly question but are there any side-effects in daily hydrotherapy? MaNaAk
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    Are These Plants Poisonous To Tortoises?

    Good morning everyone, What are these plants and are they poisonous to tortoises? MaNaAk
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    Weight Of Greek Tortoises Between 8" and 10"?

    I just want to see what you all think is a healthy weight for a Greek Tortoise between 8" and 10" in length as I am putting Daisy on a diet as I be
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    Jacky And Daisy

    Good morning everyone, We are all settling in well in this flat Jacky is continuing to get on the bathroom scales when I'm out but the other day I came back to find them in the same position that I left them in but the mud on the bathroom was a giveaway. Also Daisy's appetite is very okay as...
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    Tortoise Found In Witney

    Good morning everyone. I've just been reading that a tortoise was found walking a long a road in Witney, Oxfordshire. This was in the Oxford Mail I can't send a photo but it was taken to Medivet. The lady who found it was very surprised! MaNaAk
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    Red-footed Tortoise Found In Staffordshire

    Good evening everyone, I'm just letting you know that I was scrolling on my phone and I came to a BBC News item which said that a Red-footed Tortoise was found in a field in Staffordshire. Please have a look incase it's yours. MaNaAk
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    Jacky And Daisy Are On The Move Tomorrow

    Good morning everyone Jacky, Daisy and I are moving tomorrow and I won't be able to post very much until broadband is installed on Friday however I will let you know how we get on. I hope to be able to put Jacky and Daisy outside in this lovely weather before we move because otherwise they will...