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  1. Tony the Tort42

    Been offered Burmese Black Mountain torts, any tips?

    Hello, I have been offered some of these guys and will be taking some for future breeding. Any tips besides regular care stuff? Interesting traits that you found cool? Thanks!
  2. Tony the Tort42

    Do tortoises feel emotion?

    I have noticed my baby tends to have "moods". Sometimes I can pet his chin and he puts his neck all the way out, others I take him out of his enclousure and he wants nothing to do with me. Is this actual moods, or does it just have to do if hes itchy or not? I have also noticed he is not afraid...
  3. Tony the Tort42

    Is over feeding a thing?

    The title explains it all. My tortoise eats everything i give him, so i give him A LOT. Is it possible to overfeed them, or do they self limit their food intake. Given that they are a grazing animal, I dont see how they could survive without knowing how much food to eat.
  4. Tony the Tort42

    itchy/dirty eyes. Any suggestions?

    Today i found tony flipped over with dirt in his eyes, and he had been stuck for a while as he seemed tired. I was gone all morning so i couldnt help him☹️ :tort:. One of his eyes is fine, but he is squinting on the other and scratching it a lot. Any suggestions? Im a bit concerned for him.☹️
  5. Tony the Tort42

    How do torts know to eat cuttle bone?

    Hey, this is more of a question out of curiosity, but how do torts know to eat their cuddle bone? Its not natural like normal foods, so Im curious about how they know when they need it. today I found tony nibbling at it, so i had to know. thanks!
  6. Tony the Tort42

    Tony the sully’s adventures

    Today I let tony graze on my lawn for an hour. I read and watched him, he ate a lot. Here is a shot of him munching
  7. Tony the Tort42

    Future baby tortoise home

    Hey guys, i'm currently keeping my baby sulcata in a 20 gal temporarily, however I know this is way too small to keep him in (when hes big enough to not get picked up by a hawk i'll move him onto my lawn). What would you guys recommend as a healthy size for him (not minimum) right now as the...
  8. Tony the Tort42

    Hello all!!

    Hey guys! I just got a baby sulcata, doing my research to make sure he out lives me. I named him tony, hes been very active, and hes been eating and drinking a good amount. Exited for a life with torts!