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  1. ewam

    Where to put enclosure?

    Well it is just about the time where I can't take Bing outside for exercise anymore so he won't be able to stay in his small tank for the winter so i need a much bigger enclosure. Well my ideas where to put 2 under bed storage things together and put it on a table in the garage so nothing can...
  2. ewam

    Is this ok for my yearling tortoise to eat.

    These are a few cacti growing wild near my house. The first 3 are of a cactus that I don't know anything about but it looks like a cactus pad so it might be ok. The second plant is also wild I think it is aloe but there are different types and i want to know if is ok to feed him that. The last...
  3. ewam

    Just had a scary experience with a roadrunner

    I had Bing outside for a run and took all the precautions. I had a dirt blocker for planters thing in a big circle so couldn't get out, I put a chair over it so a hawk couldn't swoop down a get him and I had the dogs locked in. And after about a half an hour I looked outside and saw a roadrunner...
  4. ewam


    Hi I always hear how much people's tortoises all love Mazuri, and mine will never eat it. I think I'm preparing it wrong because it seems to complicated the I do it. Could someone tell me how to prepare Mazuri properly please?
  5. ewam


    I live in southern Cali in some hills and there are lots of hawks flying around. When I let my Leo run around outside for awhile I sometimes see a hawk or two flying around. I'm asking if anyone has had an experience when a hawk got there tortoise and how big does a tortoise have to be when a...
  6. ewam

    GPP or GBP

    Is there any signs that I can tell if my yearling tortoise is a GBP or a GPP such as coloring or shape of the shell. Or do I just have to wait to see how big it gets.
  7. ewam


    Do your leopard tortoises ever burrow, because I heard they were supposed to burrow all the time so the substrate is supposed to be deep but mine never burrows.
  8. ewam

    A Pic of Bing Here is a pic of Bing.
  9. ewam


    Hi my name is Eric I live in Southern California so the weather here is good for my year old leopard tortoise. I also have two Wheaten Terriers that are 2 and 3 years old. My leopard tortoises name is Bing.