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  1. Aristotle

    Cleaning real wood in Enclosure

    Hi Everyone. I am babysitting 2 baby res, and I am about to clean the tank, which is a large plastic box. There are 2 pieces of what looks like driftwood, partially submerged. Is there a safe way to clean them given how porous wood is. Thanks very much. Kristina
  2. Aristotle

    UPDATE: Lost Tortoise Slader Found Alive but Cold

    I wanted to share the good news with all of you wonderful TF-ers that Slader is alive and well (as far as I can tell). I found him this morning - not buried, but on top of some dirt (not sure why he wasn't found last night - he didn't have any dirt on the top of his shell). He was quite cold...
  3. Aristotle

    Can a 2-year-old Leopard Tort Survive 55 Degrees Outside for 12+ Hours?

    All of you Leopard Experts - I really need your help asap! My son has a 2-year-old leopard tort who stays with him at his dad's house. The standard of care is not very high (I have offered countless times to help, without success). I just learned that the tort (Slader) was outside in the...
  4. Aristotle

    Please Look At My New Tortoise House Set-Up; I need HELP!!

    I have finally set up my tortoise house (rearranged 3 times based on many threads on TF), and I would love some feedback from all you experts out there, or newbies who have successfully set up their tables. I am pretty happy with the set up, but I really need some advice on certain issues, as...
  5. Aristotle

    How to Dry Coco Coir Made from Brick

    After months of purchasing Coco Coir in a bag, I recently bought the (much cheaper) Coco Coir in brick form. Tonight I soaked it per the instructions. But now I have a bucket of VERY WET coco coir. I would appreciate it if someone can tell me the best way to "dry" coco coir. Thanks a lot...
  6. Aristotle

    Help with Determining Age Part II

    I would like to ask for help determining my tort's age. As I mentioned in my previous post with this question (involving growth rings), I was told back in March when I bought Ari that she was about 6 months old, which would make her about 8 months (assuming I was given accurate information)...
  7. Aristotle

    Growth Rings - How Old is Ari?

    Here I go AGAIN! Sorry, I have question after question for all of you. I DO lots of research before I post on TF, and seek help only when I can't apply the knowledge I gain to Ari (with reasonable confidence). I read some of the growth ring threads on TF and did some outside research, but I...
  8. Aristotle

    Boy or Girl?

    Hi Everyone. I am considering getting a second greek as a companion for my little Ari. When "she" first came home, I thought "her" personality was that of a boy. Then I did some research and bought a basic book on tortoises which includes a chapter on gender determination, and from the photos...
  9. Aristotle


    HELP! I came home today and I couldn't find Ari. I sifted through the substrate (coco coir) and I found her, completely covered in the coco coir, cold to the touch. I just moved her into a wood tortoise house (ZooMed) - she was in the large hide where the temperature was about 75 degrees. I...
  10. Aristotle

    HELP!!! (again) Baby Tort EATING Cypress Mulch Substrate!!

    I put spring mix greens in feeding dish and practically put his face against a piece of lettuce and he turned around and went back to eating the mulch! Is this normal? Is this okay?? The BRAND is T-REX CYPRESS BED.
  11. Aristotle


    Hi Everyone. This is my first post and sorry, but it's about a problem. :( I have a baby greek (approx 7 months old) and for the past 2 days he has been sleeping non-stop in his hide (placed half-way in enclosure so part cool and part warm). Temp is 79.8F where he's been sleeping. Yesterday...