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  1. BrianWI

    What do you think about this Russian Tortoise? All Comments Welcome.

    What do you think about this Russian Tortoise? All Comments Welcome.
  2. BrianWI

    Sulcata Breeders

    Hey, breeders of sulcatas. What do your breeder males and females weigh?
  3. BrianWI

    Does this forum condone tortoise flipping?

    Does this forum condone tortoise flipping?
  4. BrianWI

    Wet Mazuri Life?

    My sulcata Nadine likes Mazuri. She will eat quite a bit when I soften it with water and mix with greens. However, if I leave it after a few hours, she doesn't want to touch it again. Offer a fresh pellet, she'll eat it. Does it get icky fast after being moistened?
  5. BrianWI

    Pellets for Sulcata

    I went thru a few varieties of pellets out there and made a list which I would feed to a sulcata and which I would not. Not a complete list, just ones I have looked at. Just an FYI if you are interested. Marion Zoological Red Tortoise Sticks - NO Nature Zone Tortoise Bites - NO ZooMed Grassland...
  6. BrianWI

    Wheat Grass

    Who is the resident green thumb when it comes to wheat grass? Tips?
  7. BrianWI

    Adults with extra scutes

    I don't see pictures of adult sulcata with extra scutes. Have some pics to share?
  8. BrianWI


    I am Brian. My education/ degrees are in electronic engineering and biomathematics. I'm a math guy. I've done a lot of different things in electronics, designing everything from industrial controls to medical monitoring equipment. I owned an electronic mfg business I sold 10 years ago, which...
  9. BrianWI

    coil-shaped CFL revisited

    I see people still talking about coil bulbs. The spectrum was changed a long time ago to fix that. Unless you have one 5 years or older that you saved, you aren't going to have an issue.
  10. BrianWI

    Hatchling Losses

    Out of curiosity, when people buy a young hatchling, what percentage end up dying in the first 6 months? I see people that came on here with a hatchling, then disappeared after a couple months of posts (some with problems). It made me wonder if they were just no longer participating or if the...
  11. BrianWI

    My Tort is Smarter than Yours!

    My chacos I had as a kid were smart, but they were adults when I got them. This little hatchling seems to have brains as well, probably because she is the smartest tortoise in the world (ok, I know each of us thinks the same way). She learned to sleep in her hide after 3 or 4 nights of being...
  12. BrianWI

    Stinging Nettle

    Has anyone fed stinging nettle to their tortoises? I know it is healthy and how to prepare for humans to eliminate the sting, but what about for tortoises?
  13. BrianWI

    Black Widows

    Anyone here live where they have the BIG black widows with the red hourglass on them?
  14. BrianWI

    This is Nadine

    This is Nadine. Hatch date was May 12, 2016. I got her from a reputable dealer in Milwaukee (her mother is a well known tortoise from Hoffer's Tropic Life, a well known but now defunct exotic pet store). She was discounted for extra scutes, they are farther back than you can see in this picture...