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  1. Megang97


    How does my boys shell look? It’s slightly worn and bumpy to me. Is that growth or pyramiding??
  2. Megang97

    Which weeds are safe??

    I’m gathering some weeds for my tortoise and unsure on what’s safe to feed and what isn’t (I’ve been on the tortoise table app, but it all looks really samey to me?)
  3. Megang97

    respiratory infection?

    Hello, My 2-3 year old Hermanns made a strange noise tonight. It may be nothing but it was a puffing sound, he did it about 3 times prior to falling asleep. His nose is clear but there was one little bubble shortly after before he dozed off. His nose is now clear and there’s no bubbles, it...
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    Hermanns Tort

    Just a late merry Christmas from little Boswer?
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    Can tortoises eats broccoli?

    Hello, this may be a silly question but it’s harder to grow flowers and things in the UK at winter time, I’ve currently got a lot of weeds that are the main bulk of my Hermanns diet. I was just wondering what else to offer him this time of year? would things like broccoli and kale be okay on a...
  6. Megang97

    Eye infection?

    My little one looks like he has an eye infection, I’ve been giving him daily soaks and have eye drops for him but they’re not seeming to work. One eye seems fine but the other appears puffy and it takes him a while to open it. He’s also been not as active as usual the past couple of days and...
  7. Megang97

    Boy or girl??

    Hello! Just trying to name my little one and wondering what you guys thinks the gender is? I know it’s hard to tell, especially as it’s only young but any help is appreciated ☺️
  8. Megang97

    Rabbit cage??

    Hello! I originally got my 2 year old Hermanns vivarium and after doing some research on them and how they could be bad for him I’m going to get him something new! ive been speaking to a few people and a lot of people have suggested XXL hamster/Guinea pig cages or an indoor rabbit cage. Would...
  9. Megang97

    Hermanns tortoise - pyramiding??

    I’m new to the whole tortoise things and wanted some advise! With my juvenile Hermanns tortoise I’ve had a few issues getting his vivarium temperatures right and I’ve seen this can cause pyramiding - they’re fine now (26 degrees, 28, 32 and 35 under his basking lamp) does it look like he’s...
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    What is the normal amount of time for juvenile Hermanns tortoise to sleep during the day

    Hello! My Hermanns tortoise is 2, his temperature in his vivarium is fine - 32, 29 and 26. Overnight it’s around 20 degrees. he sleeps for quite a lot of the day, gets himself up, eats walks around for a couple of hours and goes to sleep he’s soaked twice a week, feed 5-6 times a week and his...
  11. Megang97

    Juvenile Hermanns - UK winter care help please??

    Hello! I have a Hermanns who is a few months off being 2 years old. I’m in the UK and overnight it’s been about 7 degrees - I have a tortoise viburnum/tank. I’ve been leaving his lights on for 12-14 hours and temps during the day seem to be fine (32-34 hot end, 30 middle and 28 cold end) - it’s...
  12. Megang97

    20 month old Hermanns is sleeping a lot

    I’ve had my tortoise for 2-3 months now and he’s settled in fine, he’s eating and drinking and I’ve been soaking him every week (and putting him in his water bowl every day at least 2 or 3 times). He’s around 20 months old. ive noticed he’s only actually active for about 2-3 hours a day and the...
  13. Megang97

    Hermanns sleeping a lot

    Hello, my ive had my Hermanns tortoise for 4 days and he’s 18 months old. His first day he was a really active and running about, after his first day he’s just been sleeping and staying in his hide, he does come out to eat though but never finishes his food. I know he’s probably getting used to...