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  1. obiwantortellini

    Substrate Question / Coconut Fiber + Reptibark

    I have a redfoot tortoise hatchling coming on wednesday, I have read some people saying that they need finer substrate like cypress mulch or something and that repti bark isn’t good enough for them. My temporary set up looks like this so far (still missing the uvb strip) should I add more...
  2. obiwantortellini

    Red foot hatchling light + heat

    I have researched so much and still am not 100% sure about lighting. We are getting a red foot hatchling next week, we will set it up in a temporary 20 gallon terrarium which is a 2x1x1 i think (yes it’s small but the breeder actually recommended this for a temporary enclosure) i know that i...
  3. obiwantortellini

    New Tort Parent | Red foot hatchling

    Just have a few questions, we are about to get our obi (red foot hatchling) and I can’t seem to figure out how the uvb and basking lights would work, are they always going to be on? If not then which one should we turn off and when? We will be keeping obi in our living room will that be okay...