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  1. Marisa_marie17

    Funny things

    Does anyone else’a tort like. Run over and greet them when you enter the room ? it’s honestly my favorite part of coming home. Another thing too, does anyone else’s spin in circles when you rub/scratch their shells and chase you when you stop and walk away lol. Respond back with the funny things...
  2. Marisa_marie17

    Please help!!! (shell rot?)

    My tortoises shell has been roughed up since the day I got her and Ive always been cautious of it and I just noticed some things that I really don’t like and I’m panicking bc something isn’t right. Please give all advice and help me with what this might be. I’m super worried about my babe. Like...
  3. Marisa_marie17

    Russian homes

    Hey I was looking for some ideas to further update my tort enclosure. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some ideas or post pics of theirs. Also if you would share the dimensions of your enclosures too, I’m considering trying to make mine bigger but don’t know if it’s really...
  4. Marisa_marie17

    Housing multiple

    I was considering getting another russian tort but of course don’t want to keep two together if I shouldn’t. Is it possible to house two Russian females together or will it be problematic?
  5. Marisa_marie17

    Please help (ate rubber band)

    I had my Russian out in my room and letting her run around a bit and explore and I looked away for a few seconds and I look back and I see she’s eating a small green rubber band (one of those rainbow loom bands, I use them for my hair) I went to go take it from her but it was too late and she...
  6. Marisa_marie17

    Indent on shell

    So I noticed my little elphaba has this indentation on her shell. Is this normal or is there something wrong? She gets calcium when she eats. Any idea what this could be?
  7. Marisa_marie17


    How do I know when I need to do something about her beak and what do I need to do?
  8. Marisa_marie17


    I got elphaba a zoo med calcium block so she can get her supply of calcium she needs. She refuses to touch it. Is there anyway I can get her to eat it?
  9. Marisa_marie17


    I was gifted roses which I'm assuming were from giant food store. Are these ok to feed my Russian tort or do they have some kind of pesticides in them that could harm her? Thank you for the help!
  10. Marisa_marie17

    Healthy tort?

    So I am very new to the tortoise world and I recently bought a Russian tortoise her name is elphaba and I'm not sure how old she is . since I am new, I'm very concerned about keeping her healthy and happy. Does her shell look healthy and any advice on how to keep her healthy and happy?
  11. Marisa_marie17

    start a new thread

    (Note: This question was moved here by a moderator) Could you explain how to start my own thread?
  12. Marisa_marie17

    Does this shell look Healthy ?

    So I am very new to the tortoise world and this is my little Russian named elphaba. Being that I'm new to this and I love her dearly I'm very afraid I'm going to do something wrong. I know the camera quality isn't great but does her shell look healthy? And any tips on how to keep her healthy and...