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  1. DoctorCosmonaut

    For Dr. Cosmonaut

    Hello! Thanks so much for posting some pictures! I've really been missing my... girls? I hope they are behaving ^_^ I'm in Singapore... Almost China ;) Lots of Chinese people live here. Sorry I haven't been around much at all. Its a lot harder to connect since I'm working 10 hour days and in a...
  2. DoctorCosmonaut

    Gosh Darn! What is she?

    Looks like a dog chewed on her shell :( PS Sorry I don't know what type
  3. DoctorCosmonaut

    Bob and the swimming pool

    Bob would go through the wall ^_^
  4. DoctorCosmonaut

    California Dreamin

    Whhhhaaatttt!!! You didn't tell me you got slammed with all those tickets!?!
  5. DoctorCosmonaut

    Oh My Gosh!

    So cute :) I can't believe your cats resist the urge to play with them though!
  6. DoctorCosmonaut


    Awesome! Nice piece of land, wish I had something similar
  7. DoctorCosmonaut

    I was up on the roof this a.m.......

    I hope Millie stays a girl... the vet, my personal analysis, and several of the community members here said she was a female the last time I went in to the vet/posted a picture on here... of course, people can always be wrong! You are a tort expert![hr] Maybe a repost of her is needed for forum...
  8. DoctorCosmonaut

    I was up on the roof this a.m.......

    Looks awesome! :) Just missing a picture of the newest section ;) ;)
  9. DoctorCosmonaut


    Very cute! Good job ladies
  10. DoctorCosmonaut

    Can you see my eye?

    Cool picture!
  11. DoctorCosmonaut

    unknown succulent plant

    Seen it, even had one.... but don't know what it is :( I'll ask my fiancé later
  12. DoctorCosmonaut

    boxie garden in bloom

    Do you have "Sunset" magazine out east? Because this looks like it belongs in it!
  13. DoctorCosmonaut

    My daughter's HS graduation

    Wish I graduated in Hawaii! Congrats!
  14. DoctorCosmonaut

    USPS strike??

    does mail usually got direct from one country to another, or does it go through many?
  15. DoctorCosmonaut

    USPS strike??

    Well darn... then either the mail got lost or its on a world tour before it arrives
  16. DoctorCosmonaut

    USPS strike??

    Well I was thinking maybe they meant a section of the USPS? Like... I do not... the international team/dept., etc.? Because I got mail too (although just crappy ads), but i've been waiting for an international package, and the person who sent it told me that our mail service had a strike. They...
  17. DoctorCosmonaut

    Joplin MO

    Oh so good to hear you all are okay! Please do keep us posted
  18. DoctorCosmonaut

    USPS strike??

    Does anyone know if there is a US Postal Service strike? Someone was telling me there was, and I couldn't find anything online about it.
  19. DoctorCosmonaut

    Don't know what to think

    S.A.D... Remember?[hr] The sun is coming out for him!
  20. DoctorCosmonaut

    Joplin MO

    Thoughts and prayers with you all :(