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    damaged scutes-brittle

    Yeah, and doctors prescribe antibiotics for viral illnesses. Still looks fungal.
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    Do they jump? Oblong? Or round and crawl?
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    damaged scutes-brittle

    Looks fungal to me.
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    He is likely starting to feel better. I would get him on as many weeds as you can and grass and add a good portion of Mazuri. Dandelions are full of calcium. And don't forget a lot of sunshine!
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    Outside time in the sun will be the best thing you can do for that tort. He is certainly suffering from MBD, which is reflected in how he is walking. But he will get better in time, although he will always show signs of his poor start. I am glad you have him now.
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    This is Nadine

    It is official. I just ordered my first 25lb bag of Mazuri. She eats enough where buying it in smaller repackaged quantities has stopped being economical.
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    Stolen 60 lb Sulcata

    Have you seen the movie Master of Disguise where he dresses up as a turtle?
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    He won't eat mazuri

    I always chuckle when I hear someone has a fussy eater for a tortoise. Nadine's only preference appears to be toward the food that is closest to her mouth.
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    HELP Tortoises are inactive

    I would say give them away if you won't A) separate them, and B) give them a better environment with cover and humidity. Get a goldfish instead. Sound harsh? It is. But honestly, they deserve to be well taken care of. Then research your next pet better.
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    New baby Sulcata; injured, pics, questions.

    No follow up is usually bad news :(
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    Is this light suitable?

    Depending on the set up, the small compact bulbs may be ineffective. As far as dangerous, I have now tested just shy of 200 used bulbs and a couple dozen new ones. NONE produced anywhere near dangerous levels of RF radiation or UV light. Still hunting for that dangerous bulb...
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    New baby Sulcata; injured, pics, questions.

    Haven't seen an update. Still alive?
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    Baby salcuta sick?

    I would not get sidetracked into thinking the bulb was the problem. It isn't likely at all. What is the humidity? Looks dry in the pics. I don't like the moss setup.
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    Spirulina - any value to adding to Sulcata Diet?

    It would be fine in small amounts.
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    Do tortoises play?

    I had them when I was a kid. I don't have any now.
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    New baby Sulcata; injured, pics, questions.

    I stand by my my suggestion. Subjecting an animal to needless suffering isn't heroic.
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    New baby Sulcata; injured, pics, questions.

    It looks like some kind of infection causing odd growth. I hate to say it, but at this point I would euthanize.
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    Do tortoises play?

    One of my chacos seemed very fond of our cat. He'd nap up against her a lot for the body heat, but even when he wasn't doing that, he would sit by her, follow her around, etc. No biting, no ramming. Be a bit dangerous with a big sulcata though, probably break the cat.
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    deformed or extra scutes

    Nadine is 1 year today. I'll try to take pics later. It would be nice to start some record of older split scute torts.