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  1. lovelyrosepetal

    Is Peanut Butter Safe for sulcatas?

    I know this is a weird question, but I wanted to find out if anyone on this forum knows the answer. My one year old somehow got into our pantry and was able to get into the Mazuri and put the Mazuri in our Peanut Butter. I would normally throw it away but it was quite a bit. I hate to waste it...
  2. lovelyrosepetal

    My thoughts on humidity with tortoise babies, opinions please

    I have been thinking a lot about this. I have read about all the people who post that their tortoise baby died and they were doing everything "right". I have read about it being, not failure to thrive, but because, in most cases, it was raised dry, before the person got it. After the person...
  3. lovelyrosepetal

    Imagine My Surprise

    On Thursday I got a package in the mail. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up. Wow, they are beautiful and so smooth! I was so excited! Don't you love getting surprises in the mail? Actually I got them from Tom. He is such a nice guy and let me get some of his experiment babies...
  4. lovelyrosepetal

    They are missing

    Hey everyone, I am posting this with a heavy heart. I put my tortoises outside in their outside pen, it was a nice day and I wanted them to get some fresh air and sunshine, while they could still get some. I just got a new one from Tom. It was the most perfect little sulcata ever. I was...
  5. lovelyrosepetal

    Sad for a young sulcata tortoise

    While I was at the pet store today, I saw a really little sulcata tortoise. The pet store seemed okay, it is the first time I have ever visited this one. I was looking for a reptile thermostat. They did not have one, surprise, surprise. They have hardly anything here. This is one of the...
  6. lovelyrosepetal

    Is it ethical to be alien pets?

    I don't know if you were serious or just fooling around, Tom, but here it is: Do you think it is ethical if aliens just swooped in and took us from extinction? :DThey kept us, as we keep our tortoises and other pets, in good conditions to watch us and study us, while saving us from extinction...
  7. lovelyrosepetal

    Free adult male sulcata On here is a slightly pyramided adult sulcata to a good home for free. If you are in the market for one you might want to look into it if you are in the area.:)
  8. lovelyrosepetal

    Squash anyone?

    I do have another question, how often is too often for feeding squash to three month old sulcatas? My garden has lots of yellow squash, similar to the green zuchinni but yellow. I have given my three tortoises some squash everyday for four days straight. They love squash, it is their...
  9. lovelyrosepetal

    Just playing possum, but not really

    I just had a freaky experience. I went to go look at the tortoises, you know, just checking up on them. They had been out today for a little over three hours, it was such a nice day, and they were a little bit tired, I think. So, I go to look in on them and there is a tortoise laying on its...
  10. lovelyrosepetal

    how cold is too cold?

    Hi, with the onset of fall coming and cooler days ahead, I was wondering how cold is too cold for a hatchling sulcata tortoise? I am sure someone has posted this somewhere but I can't find the information. My hatchlings are going on three months and I am pretty sure that 60 Fahrenheit is too...
  11. lovelyrosepetal


    I would like to know if you all see some pyramiding on my tort. It is easy for me to spot (sometimes) on other peoples torts but not on my own. I am afraid that I do see some pyramiding but I don't know if it is just me or if it is really there? Any of your comments would be appreciated and...
  12. lovelyrosepetal

    please help me name my tortoise

    Hi everyone, I need help naming my tortoise. I have had it for almost two months and I still don't have a name for it. I have considered several names and I think that out of the names I have thought of these two might be my favorites: Freckles or Dandi. Please comment on what name you think...
  13. lovelyrosepetal

    need info. please

    I am interested in getting a hatchling indian star tortoise and was wondering if they are like sulcatas and need to be soaked and sprayed everyday and what the care info is like. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks, Rose
  14. lovelyrosepetal

    box turtles

    Hi, I just wanted to write about my sweet little box turtle. I got her from someone who had too many box turtles and she had been kept in a chicken coop enclosure with 20+ other box turtles and chickens. The lady was very nice but I thought it strange that she kept them on little pebbles with...
  15. lovelyrosepetal

    A couple of questions

    Hey all, I have a couple of questions for you. My tortoise is loving its MAZURI but sometimes mistakes the other torts. legs as MAZURI and then tries to get a mouthful of it. It always looks surprised when it gets its friends leg instead. At first I thought it was biting the other torts when...
  16. lovelyrosepetal

    problems with substrate

    Hi everyone. I hope you can help me out. In order to keep up the humidity for my little ones I spray them a lot and now the substrate seems to be wet. Is that bad or does that make the humidity level stay up? To me it seems like I should probably change the substrate but the way it got wet...
  17. lovelyrosepetal

    question about squeaking

    Hi everyone, I have read that when a tortoise makes a clicking sound that there could be health problems but what about when a tortoise makes a squeaking sound? When we first got our tortoises one of them made a squeaking noise but hasn't again until today. While I was soaking them one of...
  18. lovelyrosepetal

    my tort babies

    I am hoping to post some pics of my tortoise babies. I have a few that I just took and hope it works fine. Thanks:tort: these pics should be of mine: this one is my husband's and these should be extras of them this should be all of them together
  19. lovelyrosepetal

    keeping humidity up

    Hi everyone, I have a question for all of you. How do you keep the humidity up in their enclosures while they are little? I have three 1 1/2 month old sulcata hatchling tortoises. I cannot seem to keep the humidity levels up as much as I would like. The substrate is cypress mulch and coco...
  20. lovelyrosepetal

    Substrate changing?

    Hi everyone. I have a question about substrate. How often are you supposed to change your bedding? I use cypress mulch as a bottom layer and then I put coconut coir on top of the cypress. I try to keep it really humid but i noticed these tiny little bug things crawling in the coir? I can't...