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    Any divers on TFO? Signing up to get open water certification, wanted to see if there are any other tortoise enthusiasts in the water.
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    PETCO Mercury Vapor on sale with free shipping

    Petco online has MVB 100 Watt self ballasted bulbs for $36.95 with free shipping. Pretty good deal, as usually they are around $60 or so. Just thought I would share. Trick or treat!
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    Zoomed Powersun Metal Halide

    Anybody use these? I just got Zoomed email this morning about them. Just wondering how they are. Thanks!
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    Redfoot in Holly, Michigan

    Looks like a really healthy, smooth well cared for RF. Owner seems to know what they are doing as well. @saginawhxc got your name all over it....... haha better you than me in trouble with the significant other for bringing another Shell in to the house. Any interest from anyone let me know...
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    Juvenile (3-4 years) Sulcata Care?

    No clue on actual age, but our new sulcata was living in a 10 gallon aquarium before we got her, with a household coil bulb for light, no substrate, and table scraps for food. We have her in a temporary 4' x 2'x 2' closed chamber now, and are trying to get lights, heat and humidity correct. I...
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    Recent Rescue

    Here are pics of the Sulcata we rescued off of Craigslist last night. The previous "owner" had her in a 10 gallon tank, with a household coil bulb in a dome above her, no substrate and no water. He said she eats great- then...
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    Poor "Socata" in Michigan

    Saw this on my daily Craigslist search..... poor guy. Surprisingly pretty healthy looking, mild pyramiding and eyes look healthy. Hopefully he has not been stuck in that small tank for long. I do not have room for him, but would gladly go...
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    Sea Turtles In Puerto Rico?

    We will be visiting San Juan PR in late October for a wedding. Just wondering if anyone knows the possibility of observing wild sea turtles or their habitats in that season/location? Any help would be appreciated!!!!
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    Huey the Holland Lop

    We got Huey from the Midwest Rabbit Rescue ( in late April. He is a neutered dwarf Holland Lop, who was surrendered after he grew out of the cute fuzzy bunny phase. Unfortunately, he was probably a Christmas gift that was bought on impulse. Estimated age is around 10...
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    Rescued Russian

    This is a rescue group near me. Not sure if they are on the forum or not, but I saw this today.... so upsetting. Poor thing. That beak look really short and painful. I cringed when I saw that picture up...
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    Reasons NOT to Get a Caiman or other Crocidillian

    My crazy brother is talking about getting a hatchling "dwarf" Caiman as a pet from an online breeder. As much as I have tried to convince him that it is a TERRIBLE idea, not to mention probably illegal, he thinks it will be fun and exciting. He has limited reptile experience, lives in Michigan...
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    PETCO Mercury Vapor Bulbs on sale

    Just saw this and ordered a backup..... $45.49... then pick out some small $5 item to hit $50 for free shipping AND a $15 gift card!!!!
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    New England Aquarium

    More sea turtle related I guess, but was not sure if anybody would see it down there..... Has anybody been to the new exhibit at the New England Aquarium about the rescue and rehab of sea turtles? We are going to be in Boston the week after Christmas and wanted to check it out, just seeing if...
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    Venus Fly Trap?????

    Anyone know if a Venus Fly Trap is safe for a Redfoot enclosure? it is in a buried, stable pot, and well above eating level. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Chef Tort

    My buddy sent me this, I guess everyone know I like Torts! haha.
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    Best Plants For Redfoot Enclosure

    What are the best/safest/heartiest plants for a Redfoot enclosure? I am in Michigan, and substrate is Zilla Junglemix, coconut coir and a base layer of topsoil. Temps are 75-85 F and humidity is around 75%. Lights are on a 14/10 cycle (on-off) Thanks!!!
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    Detroit Michigan Redfoot Owners

    Hello All, Joined up as soon as I found this great site. We have had our Red Foot (Ernest Hemingway) for just under two years. Bought him at our locally owned pet shop on their "black friday" sale, and he is housed in a 35 gallon Marty Made reptile enclosure, Exoterra Jungle mix substrate...