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  1. 1289Gabe

    new owner help

    Could we get some pics of the enclosure? That might help. Also I’ve heard that heating pads aren’t good for tortoises
  2. 1289Gabe

    Black on legs

    So my little guy has had these for at least three months, and it doesn’t seem to bother him, but is it natural? His legs and some of his head is black.
  3. 1289Gabe

    Premature Hatchling

    Sorry for your loss, but did your female lay any other eggs at least?
  4. 1289Gabe

    My torts diet

    This is my hibiscus
  5. 1289Gabe

    My torts diet

    Thanks, I give him some pads I buy and I have a hibiscus plant, but I don’t know if its that African one you were talking about.
  6. 1289Gabe

    Last year on this day...

    Congrats on the one year anniversary!?. I got my little leopard on Christmas last year as well!
  7. 1289Gabe

    My torts diet

    So I’ve been feeding my tortoise store bought dandelions and weeds from my back yard (see photo). But I’ve seen a lot of threads saying to feed them grass, but Leo won’t eat grass, hay, or anything like that. Is this okay? I also want to add that he chews on tiles a lot, is this mineral deficienc?
  8. 1289Gabe

    Happy Birthday Leo!

    Yah! My little leopard just turned one years old! And he still looks so cute?
  9. 1289Gabe

    Pink Lines

    What about the bottom? Should I be worried?
  10. 1289Gabe

    Pink Lines

    PLEASE HELP! Is this dangerous?
  11. 1289Gabe

    Help identify my tortoises

    Oscar kind of looks like a leopard
  12. 1289Gabe

    Pink Lines

    Hey all! My tort has been growing, and in between the new growth is a weird pink line.
  13. 1289Gabe

    Nose line?

    That’s a problem, I would recomend orchid bark
  14. 1289Gabe

    Enclosures for sale

    @Markw84 , I’ve heard you make enclosures, how much do you think one would cost? I have a baby leopard
  15. 1289Gabe

    The Best Way To Raise A Sulcata, Leopard, Or Star Tortoise

    How much would you think are those closed enclosures, I currently have an open topped one
  16. 1289Gabe

    My tort won’t come out of his hide. Is this bad?

    Had it a year, night heat is a heating pad, but propped up against the side, because I’ve heard pads are bad. How would I weigh him?
  17. 1289Gabe

    I don’t know how I can make my tortoise feel better

    Don’t mean to be a stickler, but that enclosure is WAAAY to small!!