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  1. Angi

    CDT for adoption I am in San Diego

    I have come to the conclusion that I will eventually have to find homes for my CDTs. I am in no hurry and can wait years ,but if a tortoise lover with a great tort home becomes available I have a very spoiled male CDT that is very friendly but aggressive to other male torts.
  2. Angi

    Help! Little black dots

    I just noticed that my torts ( CDT ) have little , tiny black dots on their necks. I took a picture with my phone but I don't know how to load it to my computer. I am starting to freak out. HELP! I think I can get the picture on TFO fb. Please check it out and give me advice
  3. Angi

    HELP! (Ants)

    I am so over come with sadness I can hardly breath, so please be patient with me. Last night I put my CDTs to bed. They have out door heated pens. This morning a couple were out and I threw them hibiscus to munch while I made up some muzuri. When I brought the muzuri out another tort came out...
  4. Angi


    I just wanted to say hello. I have been super busy so have not posted in a long time, but I still come by when I have a question. Today I found my answer just by reading other posts. THANKS! BTW- all three of my tort are doing great.
  5. Angi

    Has anyone used Immune IQ?

    My poodle has goopy eyes. I tried Angel Eye and all the other stuff to cure it with no luck. I heard somewhere it could be allergies, so I sent a saliva and hair sample to immune IQ. It came back that she is allergic or sensitive to a LOT of common dog food ingredients . Does anyone know if...
  6. Angi

    Probably a dumb question.....but...(playing with a hatchling)

    A friend's daughter has a baby sully and she likes to play with it and let it walk around. She sometimes puts it in a plastic hamster ball to walk around the house. It is a tiny tort. This seems like a bad idea to me, but that is just a gut feeling. What are your thoughts. Only experienced...
  7. Angi

    My Avitar

    I found an old album of my Grandma's and this picture of me at the San Diego Zoo on a tort was in it. How cool is that? I think I was almost three years old. I guess this is when my love of torts started ;) although I have no memory of it
  8. Angi

    Will the fighting stop?

    I have 4 male CDTs . They are from the same clutch and have lived peacefully together for five years, maybe six years. This year they started fighting. They will bob their heads and flip each other. The two smaller ones are not bad but Perv and Bob are very aggressive lately. Is this a...
  9. Angi

    Off Topic

    I haven't been on T/F lately. I have just been busy. My torts are all great and enjoying the Cali sun shine, even in February. I moved almost 2 years ago and the now have a safe, large outside pen plus get the run of the yard a few days a week. Anyway so all is good here. I didn't notice...
  10. Angi

    Feeding DE

    I belong to a F/B group for parents of children who have compromised immune systems. One thing I have been reading a lot is people feeding their kids DE for parasites. Does anyone give DE to their torts for parasites or parasite prevention? If so how is it fed?
  11. Angi

    Free tort table

    I have a tortoise table I want to get rid of. My torts are outside full time now. It is not fancy, but works. It is about 6'X3' and has a built in hide. I made it out of an entertainment center. It needs a coat of paint. Free if you pick up in La Mesa ( San Diego county) California.
  12. Angi

    A horrible cat story :(

    My mom live with us. She moved in almost a year ago. Her cat has always been an apartment cat and was loving being able to go out during the day. She would mostly stay in the yard or go next door and hang out under our next door neighbors deck. They enjoyed her visits. Well they moved last...
  13. Angi

    Sleeping out side.

    For those of you in San Diego with out side CDT, are you giving them a heated hide at night? I am in La Mesa. We are tired of bring the torts in at night so built them an enclosure that has heat and can be closed up at night.....but in the summer do they need the heat? It is pretty warm here...
  14. Angi

    Is this flashing?

    I have seen pictures of torts flashing, but never seen it in person. What I saw my tort do did NOT look like the pictures I had seen. I will describe and please let me know if it is normal and what it was. I picked up my 4 year old tortoise to take him out of his night time table and put him...
  15. Angi

    Not a tort...a friend needs to rehome a dog

    Free to good home. Jack Russell Beagle mix. My friend needs to move in with her dad who has cancer and can not take her dog. She really should not have this dog anyway. She is single and works more than full time. The dog Mia is a breed that should be kept busy. Mia is 1 and a half years...
  16. Angi

    Need to rehome

    My mom just broght home a water turtle. She rescued it from her friend's grandaughter who inheited it with with the house when her grandmother died. We thought we had rehomed them all last year, but this guy just showed up today. He is about 10 " and black in color with a little red on his...
  17. Angi

    I gotta bad weed!

    So I tried to post this about 20 minutes ago and it didn't work. I got a big problem with my lawn. It is covered in what I think is called Black Medick, it is a clover looking weed with a yellow flower that turns into a little bur. It is okay for the torts but could be a big problem for my...
  18. Angi

    C/L Cactus

    This is just an FYI. I have been on C/L looking for a few items and noticed a lot of free cactus. This must be the time of year when people trim it or redo yard. Check or the free section of C/L if you need cactus. I am looking for nice rocks but have also seen tiles book sheves and other...
  19. Angi

    Need to re-home.

    Need to re-home 13 year old male human. Okay I am just kidding, yard is full of plastic BBs so the torts have to stay in their pen until they are all picked up and I am NOT happy with the kid. mom told him "shoot in the front yard not the back". So finding that...
  20. Angi

    Cottage cheese urates

    I have read all about urates and white stuff, but could not find anything about what would cause them to look like cottage cheese, sorry if I am being gross :(. This is why I am asking about it. My mom and I went to the SDTTS meeting last week and we remember Ginny (the president of the SDTTS)...