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  1. jonathan gray


    No luck with my obsti this year but one of my flavo eggs produced twins. Both are healthy and fiesty...just what you'd expect from flavos
  2. jonathan gray

    Tortoise Hybrids?

    I have seen a number of postings and photographs of various tortoise hybrids: lepracatas, redfoot/sulcata, radiata/sulcata, etc. And while some of them may appear 'pretty', my ultimate question is 'is this right?' I have my own (rather strong), opinions on this subject, but I would be...
  3. jonathan gray

    Will a sterile female produce eggs?

    Is it possible for a sterile female i.e. one incapable of producing viable eggs, produce any eggs at all? I'm not talking about infertile eggs, I mean eggs that would be incapable of being fertilized. I have a female that every clutch she has ever produced has been a total bust. I've seen her...
  4. jonathan gray

    Ear abscesses in EBTs

    Why are they common? I see them in wild animals and animals kept in 'wild; conditions. It can't be mainly issues with husbandry, as most of the literature states, since I have seen it in so many wild animals. Any ideas?
  5. jonathan gray

    Successful breeding of Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii

    Five eggs were deposited here on 8 September 2017 and all five hatched between 22 - 26 December 2017. This is the third clutch in three years from this particular female. Her first clutch of six eggs yielded one successful hatch, the second clutch of five eggs yielded none and the third clutch...