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  1. Jimb


    I’m back! And just ordered a Leopard Tortoise Hatchling from ATC. It’s been far too long! I also have a baby Rhino Iguana but that’s another story.
  2. Jimb

    Torts Get'n Some Sun!

    Air temp was above 70 yesterday however the ground temp was still too chilly, so the Torts had to spend their time Sunning in separate spaces. Plus they got to eat lots of fresh Dandelion flowers that I picked for them! :)
  3. Jimb

    Tazer the Mighty Leopard

    Enjoying her morning "kill". LOL!
  4. Jimb

    Mudflap Celebrating Easter ....

    She's been celebrating for about 4 days now! LOL!!! Happy Easter Everyone!!
  5. Jimb

    Tazer the Mighty Leopard ....

    One of her favorite sleeping positions .... Doesn't look too comfy to me though. LOL!
  6. Jimb

    Mudflap Chowing Down ...

    She's 28 months old and loves her "mud". LOL!
  7. Jimb

    The Stare-Down!

    Dillon and Tazer (the Leopard) having another Stare-down competition. :)
  8. Jimb

    Tazer the Mighty Leopard ....

    Chowing down! She's such an awesome Tort! Almost 19 months old. :)
  9. Jimb

    Mudflap the 28 month old female Testudo Hermanni Hermanni

    Enjoying her "Mud" Meal. :tort:
  10. Jimb

    What's Your's is Mine ....

    I haven't posted in awhile so here's Tazer (18 month old female PP Leopard) deciding that what belongs to the Schnauzer belongs to her as well. :rolleyes:
  11. Jimb

    Dillon Takes His Job Seriously ....

    I told him to keep an eye on Tazer (My almost 18 month old Leopard) while I emptied his dirty bath water. This is how vigilant he was the entire time. LOL!
  12. Jimb

    This is Tazer ....

    Hiding out among the Bricks & Boulders. o_O
  13. Jimb

    Tazer the Mighty Leopard ....

    on a short walk-about under Dillon's watchful eye, after his soaking. :)
  14. Jimb

    Hey, Some Privacy Please!!

    ... and how about a bigger Hot Tub????
  15. Jimb

    I may not have a Tiger by the Tail

    But I DO have a Leopard on my lap! LOL!!!
  16. Jimb

    Nom, Nom, Nom ....

    Mudflap likes her breakfast this morning. :)
  17. Jimb

    OMG Mudflap!!!

    I said I wanted a BROWN Egg!! :D
  18. Jimb

    Tazer 'Sun' Bathing

    Do you MIND human??? A little privacy please. Just catch'n some rays. :)
  19. Jimb