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  1. Meganolvt

    It is hot in Michigan!

    Roland the yellowfoot loves this weather, Grandma the box turtle isn't so sure.
  2. Meganolvt

    Hypotangerine Bearded Dragon

    I'm not sure if I put this here or in the sale folder! Hi all- I am considering selling my Dragon, I was told she is hypo tangerine although I don't know much about colors. She does have clear nails. She's probably about 2 years old. Great girl, I've just realized that bearded dragons aren't...
  3. Meganolvt

    Self soaking

    I have a year old leopard whom i've had for 2 months. He always has a water dish and soaks himself everyday. Do I still need to soak him? I don't know what the difference would be.
  4. Meganolvt

    How long to keep humid?

    I've read all the arguments for keeping hatchlings in a closed chamber. I either can't find and/or can't remember at how old it is ok to move them into a less humid enclosure?
  5. Meganolvt

    Roland and the new tort!

    Roland said, "What's in here?" And then he knew... A tiny tort! (Back corner) Note: this is before I spruced the cage up a bit for him.
  6. Meganolvt

    New tiny leopard

    Hi guys- I just got a tiny leopard tortoise, SCL is 3 inches. Previous owner says she was told he hatched in September. That would make him 10 months. Is that possible? He was on wood shavings and as soon as I got him home i put him in some water. He drank for like 10 minutes. I think i can...
  7. Meganolvt

    Sulcatas in Lansing, MI (Not my ad)
  8. Meganolvt

    Roland the helper

    I'm working on converting a dog cage into an outdoor bearded dragon enclosure. Luckily I have a helper.
  9. Meganolvt

    In Michigan

    Female russian tortoise (Not my ad)
  10. Meganolvt


    I got my first bearded dragon! I was going to have an iguana, but this is a much better pet for me.
  11. Meganolvt

    New iguana and now i'm nervous

    Ok guys, I got a baby iguana 2 days ago. About 20 years ago when I was 18 years old and didn't know anything about anything, we were at a tattoo place getting pierced and some guy have gave us his iguana. She was an adult, super friendly, totally tame, and was an awesome pet. Ever since she...
  12. Meganolvt

    Cycling an axolotl tank?

    I want to get an axolotl. I have a 20 gallon tank and want to know if I have to cycle it before I get the axolotl. To be clear, I know nothing about cycling or aquariums. I have read a bunch of stuff online, that's the extent of my knowledge. I've read that the tank had to be cycled and that it...
  13. Meganolvt

    Miner-All questions

    Wondering if I should be using this for my rock eating yellowfoot. I currently use calcium powder and Herptivite, should I be switching to Miner-All or adding it in? It also contains calcium, so would I stop the seperate calcium powder? Would I still need Herptivite? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Meganolvt

    Addition to the vet list

    How does one get on the vet list? My vet hospital sees turtles and tortoises as well as other exotics. @Josh ? @Yvonne G ? @Tom ?
  15. Meganolvt

    More redfoots in Michigan Here you go, @saginawhxc found this on Craigslist, more a herd for you!
  16. Meganolvt

    Roland at the orchard

    I was asked to come to a fundraiser for a pet rescue group that was held at a local orchard. I had to answer vet questions from people attending the event, so of course I took my little education ambassador, Roland! He kept walking out of his Bowser costume, but was still the star of the event...
  17. Meganolvt

    Tortoise Halloween Costumes

    Anyone have a costume for their tortoise? I'll start. Bowser! (Roland)
  18. Meganolvt

    infrared heat gun- how to use?

    I got an infrared heat gun and I am wondering how to use it. I understand the concept of getting the temperature of a surface, but how do I use it to get air temp? For example, you guys are always asking what are your temps. I can get the temp of the substrate sitting under the CHE, but is that...
  19. Meganolvt

    Roland's bladder stones

    I need some advice and I hope I'm not being too presumptuous asking if @deadheadvet would please chime in. My adult yellowfoot has bladder stones. I adopted him a year ago, and I have posted about him here several times. He has obvious MBD with a very humped shell. I took radiographs of him a...
  20. Meganolvt

    Bluetooth tracker for escape artist

    I ordered a Tile Bluetooth tracker because my yellow foot Roland has escaped four times in the last few months. The first two times it was because one of his barriers was too low (fixed that once we figured it out), the last two were yesterday and today because we've a lot of rain which...