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  1. Tortoisefanatic88

    I Finally Own A South African Leopard Tortoise!

    I am a proud new owner of a South African leopard tortoise. Always wanted one and finally decided it was time. He was a present to myself for my birthday. This little tortoise is incredible and pictures do not do them justice. It might be hard to believe but from looking at the photos and then...
  2. Tortoisefanatic88

    What's Happening?

    I've noticed the last 2-3 times my sulcata has this protruding when soaking? What does this mean? Anything to worry about? He'll be 2 years old this month and weighs just over 3,000 grams.
  3. Tortoisefanatic88

    Fig Trees?

    I'm am always looking to add/improve Tank's diet with different things I haven't tried or are hard to get. So I'm online searching for some different leaves I can order and I come across a website saying fig leaves and fruit are okay for tortoises. I begin to search on this forum and find a few...
  4. Tortoisefanatic88

    Sulcata in New York

    Saw this twice during the week on the news.
  5. Tortoisefanatic88

    Sulcata on the news

    Anyone else see this? I saw this on the Sunday morning news