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  1. Suranai

    Rare albino Galapagos giant tortoise faces the world!!

    CHECKOUT THE FIRST ALBINO GALAPAGOS! 😮😮😮 Reuters: Rare albino Galapagos giant tortoise faces the world.
  2. Suranai

    What is this tortoise?

    someone sent me this and asked me to ID it but I have no clue... 😔
  3. Suranai

    Aldabra stops basking, eats less than usual, and sleeps all day

    Hi, One of my aldabras stops basking in the morning like it used to. On the non-soaking days, he wouldn't eat and would stay in the hide all day. And on the soaking days, I would place him under the basking light after soaking and after awhile he would eat but a lot less than the usual. He...
  4. Suranai

    Tortoises pee and my in-door enclosure smell, what to do?

    Obviously I can't toilet-train my tortoises or stop them from peeing. I move them in and out from in-door and out-door enclosures depending on the weather. The problem is when the tortoises are inside and the substrates start to smell. I divided my enclosure into 4 areas: repti-bark+hay...