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    Growth or dry?

    Hi all, just been looking at Clive and noticed lots of little marks all over his shell. Not sure if it’s anything to be concerned about or if it’s just due to a growth spurt. Any advice pls??
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    Russian tort not eating

    Hi all, I changed Clives substrate out over the weekend, not the type (still orchid bark) but just to make it all fresh and clean and since he has not eaten a thing. I usually give him a mix of dandelion, kale and lettuce which he has been fine with but he won’t touch a bite now. I’ve checked...
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    Sleeping too much or new mum syndrome?

    Hi all sorry for what feels like a constant barrage of questions but I just wanted to check on my little dudes sleeping pattern. Clive wakes up within half an hour of his light coming on and basks for a bit. He usually does his business then too and that’s all regular and normal. I then soak...
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    More questions - diet and uk temps

    Hi lovely helpful people. Can I just ask a couple more questions? I want to check Clives diet is ok. I’ve been feeding him a mixture of kale, lettuce and dandelion leaves with the occasional bit of cucumber and bell pepper (latter ones no more than once a week) I’ve also been sprinkling with...
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    Soaking my Russian tortoise

    Hi all looking for more helpful advice. How often should I soak my tort? I have been soaking him daily for about 20 mins about an hour after he wakes up and before I feed him. He is just over 12 months old. At first he was quite happy with this but now every other day he starts trying to climb...
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    Just a little thank you

    Hi all just wanted to post a little thank you for the advice I received after getting my little Clive. I have made some changes to his enclosure and my OH is going mad as something new has been arriving nearly everyday to make him more comfortable. Clive is thriving! He is one greedy tort not...
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    New owner of Russian tortoise

    Hi all just wanted to introduce myself. We have just got our first tortoise. A lovely little baby Russian tortoise named Clive. All seems to be going well so far. 5 days in now. He is 1 yr old and after not eating for the first 3 days, he has just started digging into his food since yesterday...