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  1. russiantortoiselover1

    cracked shell

    My friends russian torts house fell on him and cracked a tiny teeny piece of his shell. We took him to the vet and them gave him some meds(pain killers), glued his shell a little and put some type of band aid on it. The crack is about a centimeter. My friend wants to know if she should take him...
  2. russiantortoiselover1

    outdoor enclosure problem

    hello everyone! i'm kinda new to the forum and i need some help deciding what to do about an outdoor enclosure for my russian torts. what i was thinking was a intex 56998eg 10' by 30" metal frame pool filled with dirt. I just wanted to see if them could dig through the bottom. thank u!!
  3. russiantortoiselover1

    Old enclosure about to be fixed up!!!

    ok my old enclosure needs to be fixed up so i was thinking: 7 bags of dirt (for nesting torts) a nesting area equipped with rocks a plant etc a top (need ideas) permenent housing (like hooked to the wall) a big water dish they can actually get into basking rocks any other ideas? The enclosure...
  4. russiantortoiselover1

    breeding help

    Ok this is my first time breeding russians. I have read like every page on the internet there is on breeding my torts. My torts have been breeding for months and months and still my female has showed no signs of laying! i know i need to be patient but i just want to know if i am doing anything...
  5. russiantortoiselover1

    Dirt hot tub

    My tort are just enjoying the warmth I put put two heat mats under a tub (not their enclousure it's their hot tub 😀)
  6. russiantortoiselover1

    New tort enclousure

    I'm planting dandelions and eatible (sorry that's spelled wrong) It's not done yet but.. [hr] ( Sorry about that [hr] Eatible grass Sorry again
  7. russiantortoiselover1

    My tort seems to be eating dirt

    My male tort seems to be eating the dirt in his cage and yes I'm sure it's not his poop. What do I do? I give them plenty of choices and my girls are chowing down so its not the food. Please help
  8. russiantortoiselover1

    Vet visits

    Can you take you torts to a normal vet or do you have to take them to a "tortoise" vet? Will petstores check them out? -thanks
  9. russiantortoiselover1

    Petsmart and petco

    Petsmart and petco have male and female torts together and they don't know it! I got a "male" from a store specially (it was in a different county) so I could breed it with my femAle but I toke one look and knew it was a female I toke it to a reptile person who knew a lot about Russians just to...
  10. russiantortoiselover1


    My torts are eating away but I never see any proof and I have ruled off that they are eating it because even when I'm soaking nothing happens
  11. russiantortoiselover1

    Help (injured eye)

    Help my tortoise has a swollen eye and it s bleeding a little what do I do!! I think she got it digging can you tell from the pics! [hr] Help!! [hr] Good eye Bad eye
  12. russiantortoiselover1


    I may have some eggs coming so should I make or buy an incubator? Do homemade incubators work? How do you make the best one?
  13. russiantortoiselover1

    [split] have a question

    do you know if you need to separate mature males from immature females to avoid mating??/ and the immature females ending up with their eggs bound?