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    Greek keeps humping but I see no penis

    Hi there, I have 2 Greek torts, one male and one female (at leas that’s what I’ve always thought). Male is about 5 inches carapace and female about 7. Whenever he gets a chance, the ‘male’ keeps trying to mount. Ive been hoping to breed so I’ve allowed it (in controlled conditions, not all the...
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    Tort walks like a turtle! Is it MBD?

    Hi there, can’t post a video but hope I can describe the situation. I adopted 2 Greeks, 1 male and female. Male (little one) is perfectly healthy. Female is healthy in every way edcept she walks less like a tortoise but more like a turtle, very close to the ground. Her hind legs move, but...
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    ID and healthcheck for adoptees please

    Hi! Adopted this male & female pair last week (I was told they are Hermanns). Previous owner only fed them lettuce. He’s had them for 2 years and says they’re 4 years old. They get a along very well (I know I know) and have been trying to mate. Both are active with healthy behavior. It’s hot...
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    Looking to adopt, any health issues you can spot?

    Thinking of adopting this fella but concerned about the red & white spots on shell. Is this septicemia / rot? Should I adopt or will I be signing up for a world of pain & expense? Also any help in age/gender/species identification would help. Thanks for your help in advance!