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    Hinged back tortoise with damaged Carapace

    Please does anyone have advice for me on how best to help an adult male hinged back tortoise that was injured and brought to a pet and bird farm that closed down and was later given to a friend that has a farm is the area. Actually she was given a female as well with scuffed carapace that peeled...
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    Shell rot?

    I recently got 2 tortoises with damaged shells. They are a pair from a bird farm that was sold. I think they were poorly cared for and first was just carrots and cabbage The male looks like he was run over or hit by a car but shell has healed leaving grooves ( black cracks) One down the side...
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    Are Avocado pear leaves in the yard a danger to my tortoise ?

    I have a lot of leaves from a neighbours avocado tree falling in my garden. Can I leave them or should I remo e them. I don't think he would eat dry leaves but worried.
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    Need hinged tortoise info, please

    My hinged tortoise female( I think) walked through the front driveway gate in December. I put her into the back yard walled garden. She has been exploring daily and eating greens, dried meal worms, butternut and cucumber, as well as weeds and chews on a cuttlefish occasionally.It has turned cold...