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    Thanks for all the help! Figured I should post an update.

    A few months back I took over the care of a leopard tortoise I named Appa and posted on here about upgrading his enclosure. I figured I would show you all the results after all I've learned here! The enclosure is the complete package recommended and purchased from Mark here on the forum, the...
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    Hello! New here

    My name's Isaiah and I'm from Oklahoma. I've been a long-time fan of tortoises but was always hesitant to take the jump as I wanted to make sure I could provide for one. I've lurked here for several years (though only made an account last year), researching and making sure I knew what I was...
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    Question About Specific Closed-Chamber Enclosure

    Hello everyone! Hopefully this is the right place to post this question. I was hoping those with some more experience would be willing to lend some expertise to a question I have. I'm preparing to take over the care of a small leopard tortoise (age unknown, but he isn't bigger than the palm of...