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    Things I Do

    i have nothing to add to this thread , but i was going to respond to bottom heat being controversial , but i figured i'd just keep it to myself ....... should be nothing controversial about bottom heat , in nature they use a variety of methods to regulate their body temps ..... the sun , the...
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    fall 2022

    october 30th, been the coldest fall we've had since 2012 ....... found these two guys earlier in the week , figured i'd bring them in and give them a better shot at surviving the winter ...... gabe , is getting with the routine , he picked up staying out the turtle pens , even...
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    (Clemmys guttata) Male or female? At what age or size is it 100% ?

    nothing i can add to the sexing thing , but you sure did a good job raising that turtle, everything about her/him in the pics exudes health ......
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    i'm guessing "club-C-ella" is klebsiella , possibly if you look into information on this bacteria in reptiles you may get some of your questions answered ... amikacin i don't believe needs refrigerated ....... my opinion is your tortoise needs kept in optimal conditions and run through a course...
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    Oral Medication

    what is the oral suspension?
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    A Terrible Loss for Me

    sorry to hear of your loss ..
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    Is this true?

    ground temperature brings them out in the spring , i dig up enough every spring to get an idea of how deep they go ...... the ones that go deep are the ones that i dig up , the ground temp is lagging behind the ground temp of the ones that were closer to the surface ....... i've never seen one...
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    Out & About

    snow is a good insulator ..... not sure how cold and long your winters are , but sub zero and single digit stretches without snow cover freezes the ground deep ...... i often shovel snow on the turtles in preparation for those temps .....
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    Out & About

    does she have a leaf/grass pile to get up under?
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    Are sulcata illegal

    my guess would be genetic isolation .......
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    i've used it a couple times when ceftazime didn't work ......... it can be tough on their kidneys....... it's not something i'd think you'd start with ...... make sure your tortoise is well hydrated ......... vet had me give subq fluids following every injection ..... one time i used it...
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    Pleasant surprise

    i seen 2 the day before yesterday ....... here it's not uncommon to see them in the fall ..... if they don't luck into a good spot for the winter they become a statistic, which is why the older they get (longer they make it) the less likely they are to die prematurely , it becomes less about...
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    Out & About

    i looked , you are correct , the earliest snowfall by me was october 2nd ........... seems too soon , it's been unusually cold for about a month now ........ i guess ready or not .......
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    Out & About

    outside did good for her....... they color up way better when outside ........... matilda got some traits i think lean "he" ........... supposed to snow here tomorrow night ....snow mid october , probably got something to do with global warming .....i seen box turtles eating the day before...
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    Help! Please help identify this gal?

    the only reason i'd guess red belly is to the best of my knowledge erc's are not native to pennsylvania ... but as mark said , could be a lost pet , or an invasive population ...... northern red belly,
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    Help! Please help identify this gal?

    here's a pa. distribution map for northern red bellied cooter
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    Kamp Kenan

    here's some virus types all have been found in turtles and tortoises , all contagious and deadly , iridoviradae , flaviviridae , togaviridae , flaviviridae, iridoviridae, adenoviridae, herpesviridae, papillomaviridae, poxviridae, circoviridae, retroviridae, paramyxoviridae, rhabdoviridae...
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    Kamp Kenan

    i understand , all those cases are old , some date back to the 1980's .......... i'm interested in new turtle , snake, lizard outbreaks ......
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    Kamp Kenan

    i do know all that ...... this is not new to me ....... i told mastershake what it was before he ever told me or any of you , it's on this board ....... reptile/animal diseases have been a hobby of mine forever .......
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    Kamp Kenan

    wh what type of turtles ? snakes? lizards ? i'd be interested in who is seeing/confirming this ?