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    Too Much Basking??

    Hi all. I have three young Egyptian tortoises (ranging from three to eight months of age) and all seem to be doing well with one possible concern. Two of the three often spend quite a bit of time in the basking area (I'm talking 2-3 hours at a time). Is this too much?? I find that they...
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    Egyptian Tortoise Enclosure

    Hi all. I'm very excited that I'll be getting an Egyptian tortoise at some point in the next few months. Accordingly, I've begun planning the enclosure. I was just wondering if I could get ideas from those who have kept Egyptians (i.e. with regard to your enclosure(s) what has/ hasn't worked?)...
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    Egyptian Tortoise Breeders

    Hi all, if anyone knows an Egyptian tortoise breeder in The U.S. whose contact info they could share with me I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you!!
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    Housing different types of Greek tortoises together

    Hi all. I know that housing different species of tortoises together is generally considered a poor idea. I was wondering if this extends to different subspecies of the same tortoise, particularly the greek tortoise. Thanks.
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    Egyptian Tortoise Enclosure Early Planning

    Hello All, I am new to the forum. I kept reptiles when I was much younger, but have not done so in several years. In recent months I've been considering getting back into the hobby, and have settled on the Egyptian tortoise. Although it is more costly (and perhaps more delicate) than other...