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    Is this edible
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    Lost sulcata

    Hi i lost 2 small sulcatas 2 weeks ago but found one then yesterday I checked to see if he was there and he wasn't. I live in Houston tx
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    Turtles for sale in Houston Tx

    Does anyone have turtles for sale in Houston Tx like map turtles(hatchling)
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    Sad story

    My 2 smaller sulcatas are lost. I think they escaped under a hole I found in the enclosure were there was a rock I had put so they wouldn't escape but today the rock wasn't there. Do you think a raccoon could have gotten it the top didn't have mesh.
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    Remodeled enclosure

    I never showed you guys my enclosure but know since I added more things like hides and I moved my enclosure where there is a big stump where they can kinda bask on or if it rains they can get on top of it. (Sorry for the long run on sentence)
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    Forest bedding?

    I have eco earth is forest floor bedding recomendable? I was planing on putting it in their hide box
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    Just for laughs!!

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    Sharing is caring:)

    Looks like someone is hogging all the food!!
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    Do you know if this weeds are safe?
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    Houston repricon

    In groupon there is an offer for Houston repticon it 15$for 4 just to let those who live near Houston know its in Pasadena Tx
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    Sulcata info (for a school project)

    I am doing a project at school and I need info on sulcatas like how many baby's do they lay at a time? What season do they lay eggs? And extra info please:)
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    Just a collage!!

    It mainly has my 2 youngest sulcatas
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    Grass seeds

    So I am planning in buying grass seeds for my tortoises and plant them in their enclousure but I don't know which one because some say the have chemicals so they grow faster. Which type of grass seed do you all recommend me and what brnd wbrand [hr] I meant what brand
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    Hi: it's been a long time since I posted. I have been too busy. but I was able to build a Wooden enclosure for my sulcata tortoises. but I would like to know what is a good non toxic way to make my enclousure water proof?
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    Would a tortoise get a familiar growth rate to its parents? For example the dad of my two new sulcatas was only 8 years old and he was huge this is him Would you think they would grow that fast? I know they have their own growth rate but I was just wondering
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    Look what I got!

    The whole famaly
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    I finally got a pumpkin and he just stuck his head and eat some!:D
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    Could I feed my sulcata peppers and how much and what kind?
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    When ever I want to see any tread it shows this What do I do? I really want to see what people have posted
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    Sorry if this ? Has already been asked what part of a pumpkin to I feed my sulcata tortoise and how much and how often. Oh! And do I get a hard one or a soft one he could chew on both he is a strong little one:)