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    Tortoise tried to climb out of box during hibernation, what to do?

    Hi, I am looking for some urgent advice please. I hibernate my tortoise in a reptile fridge, which I have set to 5 degrees C. The fridge works great but the condenser frosts up, which then affects the fan and causes the temperature to gradually increase. To combat this, once a week I remove...
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    Carnivorous behaviour in a greek tortoise

    Hi there, I have a four year old greek tortoise (testudo graeca ibera), who is active, healthy and eats well. I feed him a mixture of dandelion, lavatera, viola, plantain, campanula, clover, vetch, hawksbeard, hawk bit, sow thistle and mallow, and he gets a good mixture of these two or three...
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    Healthy weight gain for a juvenile?

    Hi, I have two Testudo Ibera tortoises, both hatched in August 2017 so are around 4 years old. Since getting them in August 2019, I have weighed and measured them weekly, and charted their growth over the last two years. The smaller of the two at the time was 181g and 9.8cm long, and the...
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    Substrate for Hermanns juveniles

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and would like some feedback on substrates please for my two 3 year old Hermann's tortoises. For their indoor enclosure, I currently use a specific tortoise substrate brand that we get here in the UK, which is a mixture of top soil, sand and limestone. As a substrate...