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    For Sale: 2.5 year old Female Redfoot Tortoise

    I am looking to rehome my 2.5 year old tortoise named Basil. She is energetic, so entertaining, and loves head scratches. Basil is the perfect tortoise, she has never had any health or appetite issues and in the 2 years I have had her, her shell has grown from 3 inches to 5 inches long. I went...
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    Looking to adopt small Tortoise in need of new home

    Hello, I am looking for the opportunity to adopt a tortoise in need. I have all the knowledge needed to raise one as well as the equipment. I raised and loved a Redfoot hatchling, but sadly he arrived sick and I was unable to save him. I can't put myself through the buying process again, rather...
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    RedFoot Tortoise Hatchling Died

    Hello, I am absolutely devastated to make this post. After several months of researching Redfoot tortoises, I decided to get a hatchling. The second Tortellini arrived he wasn't the most active little thing, he wasn't interested in any of the food I had to offer except the occasional piece of...