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    Tortoise Cozy

    I was perusing Etsy tonight and came across these: There are many other designs. I think they are so funny!
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    Box Turtle in Denver (reposted)

    reposted from Craigslist. This looks very sad. Maybe someone here has room for this one.
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    Tort Salad

    Spring mix Escarole Chopped spineless Optunia Tropical hibiscus
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    Tortoise Article in Hawaiian Air Mag

    Just got back from Hawaii. No, we didn't even know this tortoise habitat existed while we were there. But on the flight back, came across this really interesting and lovely article about tortoises in Kauai being used to save native plant species. Enjoy...
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    We've lost one

    Yesterday I put both of the torts out in their outdoor enclosure. Last night when I went to bring them in, I could only find one. I thought maybe the lost one dug himself down deep somewhere and he'd come out today when it got sunny. But no. I put food out hoping to draw him out again...
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    Noted on CL, free Box Turtle in Colorado

    Thought I would put this here in case anyone is interested in a free box turtle:
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    New UVB bulb seems really hot

    We recently had to replace our UVB bulb as the other burned out. I did not originally purchase the bulb, rather it came with the torts when we adopted them. I know it was a smaller bulb. When I went to replace it all the reptile store had was a larger bulb ZooMed Powersun 160 W bulb. So I...
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    The Tortoise Day Camp

    My Mother has been referring to this as "Tortoise Day Camp" since I really am not sure I will be leaving them out all night. I guess I'm too nervous to do that. We are growing some Tortoise grass (Carolina Pet Supply seed) in a separate container that will go in their enclosure when it...
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    Outdoor enclosure/raised garden bed

    We are planning to use a raised bed as an outdoor enclosure. It is much like this one: The one thing that occurred to me is the possibility of them digging/burrowing under the sides. Some sites that provide instructions for building raised beds talk about using steel hardware cloth on...
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    Largest Reptile Show in the Denver Area*May 5th

    Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo ***Largest Reptile Show in the Denver Area*May 5th** Come on out for quality captive bred reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates as well as books, cages, tools, feed,, and handmade arts and crafts. Open 10am - 5pm...
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    Two Box Turtles (Lakewood, Colorado)

    From Craigslist. Looks like this person needs some assistance if anyone wants box turtles or knows of a rescue in this area: "I have 2 box turtles, a male and a female. I have had them for 17 and a half years now. I can no longer take...
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    Repticon, Colorado 2012 Report and Pics!

    Anyone else attend the show who wants to share? We spent just over two hours there today. We attended two presentations and saw lots of reptiles and a few other animals. The Jungle Lady gave a nice entertaining and educational presentation of a variety of animals from snakes to lizards to a...
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    Squirt's Buffet

    She likes the greens, but loves the cactus.
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    Too much cactus?

    Is there such a thing as feeding too much of the cactus pads? I bought some from Carolinapetsupply and one of our torts went wild for the stuff. Each time I offered, I diced and added to other mixed greens. She picked all the cactus out of the pile of greens. Now that we are out of it...
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    Aurora, Colorado Repticon - April 14 & 15

    Arapahoe County Fairgrounds 25690 East Quincy Avenue Aurora, Colorado 80016 Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm Sunday: 10:00am-4:00pm Admission: Adults - $10.00, Children (5-12) - $5.00, Four and under FREE! For additional information:
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    Gulf Coast Box turtle

    Posted on Denver Craigslist (not by us!) Looks very sweet.
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    Cypress mulch in Colorado

    If you are in need of Cypress mulch or Aspen for your tort and are in Colorado, check out: I bought four *huge* bags from them today for only $16/bag (local pickup). The seller was available, courteous and great to talk to.
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    Sleep Well

    I caught them sleeping like this under their log the other day.
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    Serving Cactus Pads

    We just purchased some cactus pads from What is the best way to serve these? Whole or cut up? We have two Russian torts. I'm hoping they really dig these![hr] Sorry, noob. Meant to post this in Diet & Food.
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    Lego and Squirt Take to the Outdoors

    Took them outside today. We decided they didn't love it. But I'm sure the sun was good for them. Lego very much undecided Squirt headed off into this area and promptly buried herself. I call this one "Not interested!" Lego finally settled herself here