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    ARBC ~ Alabama Red Bellied Cooter Baby Pictures

    Can you say happy Happy Joy Joy~~!!!! OMG.. I didn't think I would see these guys make it. Mr Pete brought the babies back today to be released into the bayou behind my house.. Before being returned back their natural habit.. I grabbed a few photos.. Its a happy/sad feeling.. So happy they...
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    Would you drive this car?

    lol.. so would ya? Maybe I should have posted in chit chat? Im sorry, plz move if not in the right location.
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    With so many new Sulcata babies

    Don't get me wrong.. I think they are cute as a bugs ear.. but I keep thinking about all the older torts? With all the new babies hatched, it reminds me of our Macaw who also can live for many many years. I have seen so many birds rehomed because they have a long life span. Not like a cat or a...
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    Bath day down on the Coast

    Cage cleaning along with baths.. The summer sun was warm and sunny and the birds ate it up.. They drank in the warm sun and fresh water.. I love to roll their cages right out the door scrub them down with sponge and water and give the guys a shower at the sametime.. They love it.. Well Mr ED...
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    Mushroom? Good? Bad?

    It is very pretty but I am willing to bet its not safe to eat.. There must to have been 7 or 8 sections of them in my side yard..
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    Is Waldo suppose to have?

    spurs on his back legs? Dan ID him as a Jordanian Greek tort.. I never noticed the spurs before.. Or atleast I think those are spurs.. I am always checking over him to make sure he doesn't have any problems and I swear those spurs were not there before. lol.. but now there they are.. Maybe...
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    I Spotted a Turtle laying eggs

    My question is?? She is laying them about 20 feet from a BUSY BUSY road.. Its right before, my driveway (that leads up into the woods) but this streatch down by the road is very busy and at times has people walking right down that path where she layed the eggs.. Even if I tried to cover them...
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    Here we go again?? lol

    Okay Im not sure what the heck is going on.. Im starting to think its raining turtles and torts at my house.. lol.. I know this guy/girl isnt a tort.. (web back feet) ;) and his shape is so different from last guy found in back yard.. This guy doesn't look anything like the couple of...
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    Hello There, Question about tort/turtle?

    Okay well Im pretty sure this little guy (or maybe a girl) isn't a turtle. We live near a bayou and have plenty of turtles that bask out in the sun on logs and even a couple that hang around the outside of the house.. But yesterday my daugther found this guy or girl out in our backyard down near...