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    A question of mushrooms

    Let's say that your tortoise is living in a very large pen that tends to naturally grow psilocybin mushrooms. I know they aren't poisonous cause he has definitely eaten some. My question is basically is my tortoise tripping balls and might he mistake me for a very large carrot? I know box...
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    Baby Egyptian Tortoise from TortStork

    I just picked up my perfect baby Egyptian tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni) from Randy Betz (TortStork)! She was packed perfectly and within 5 minutes in her new home she was exploring! I could not possibly be happier and could not recommend TortStork higher!! Randy produces the highest quality...
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    Adult Female Pyxis arachnoides brygooi

    I just got a 10 year old male brygooi. I really want to do conservation/preservation breeding with this species! Are there any adult female brygooi out there that I could purchase for this? If someone has only female(s) I would be willing to buy the animal(s) plus give you the first hatchling...
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    Looking for Spekii,Zombensis or Homeana

    I am looking to purchase some spekii, zombensis and homeana tortoise for a breeding project. Will buy adults or hatchlings. If anyone can help me please reply!!
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    Temporary Sulcata pen

    I have to move out of country for a year for my job and my parents (they got me into reptiles) are going to tortoise sit my 6 year old, 25lb male Sulcata. We built this pen where he will live and will also get outside several hours a day except for the winter. I have 2 mercury vapor lights for...
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    A new tortoise lover for life!

    Back in July I rescued a 5 year old, about 20 lb male Sulcata. I have kept and bred reticulated pythons since mid 90s and had never before even considered getting a tortoise, so the plan was to find him a good home. The first time that he climbed on my lap while I was sitting on the floor and...
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    Picky Sulcata

    I have a 5 year old male Sulcata that I rescued a few months ago. He will not eat hay!! He does like that Mazuri Tortoise Diet for grassland and desert tortoises and almost everything else! What else can I feed him to get him the fiber he needs or should I be stubborn like him and wait him out...