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    2 adult males sulcatas African Spurs for sale 14 years old .make an offer

    Hello I got some super nice tortoises 2 brothers they get a long super well, which is very rare. I have to sell them, do to my health got to sell my house and can't keep them. I'm looking for someone who probably can take them both. Who has a nice back yard and who can provide shelter ( home...

    please advise asap (tortoise got cold)

    hi my turtle was under the trailer and we couldn't get to him, temperature was 52 degrees, we just put him in an 80 degree environment in his house, he was out for a few hours in the 52 degree please advise what should i do what can I do for him he's not moving much

    Sully enjoys hot day with lots of mud

    Lol look who i found, big rock has mud all over him, I thought I going to share this picture because I think its so cute

    Fresh Beautiful Opuntia-Prickly Nopal Pear Cactus Pad super Sale

    Hello we just got in beautiful fresh Cut Opuntia prickly pear nopal cactus pads in. my 2 torts are loving it- it is so super healthy. rich in calcium also very good for smoothies !! ;) 1 lb on sale for just $7.00 2 lb 0n sale for just $ 12.00 if you need more let me know for the pricing...

    2 adult female estern box turtles

    hi I have two beautiful female EBTs both of them very healthy adults. there is the rehoming fee of $100 for both of them. I live in South Florida close to West Palm Beach if you live close by, PM me they need a very loving home, I'm moving so I can keep them any longer. then enjoy a nice big...

    rescued baby duck needs a loving home

    I know this does not belong here but I found a baby duck and really needs a good home, it is about 2 weeks old I live close to West Palm Beach Florida if somebody interested please PM me or email me as soon as possible it is super cute and it needs a loving home

    Who wants baby duck asap?

    Hi I rescued a baby duck before it went towards the street I was wondering if somebody's interested in it its about 2 weeks old super cute.. I live close to West Palm Beach Florida please email me or PM me

    2 female adult Ebts for sale

    I have two beautiful EBTS for sale they are beautiful and healthy both of them adults if interested please email or PM me pick up only I'm in South Florida, $130 for both. I want them to go in a very good home where they can be outside, have a nice big area with lots of shade and sunlight also...

    Sully has runny nose,what now?

    hi guys I was wondering if you guys can help me out, mu sully has a runny nose is like snot always hanging on his nose.. it is clear and its jelly like. like most of you know I live in South Florida and he's been living outside since 6 years, never had that problem before so what should I do...

    3 adult ebts for sale

    I have 3 beautiful Ebts for sale just amazing 2 adult females 1 adult male. pick up only. sale price is $250 PM me or email me (Florida)

    Sulcata ate cooked rice

    hi I was wondering if it's really bad that night sully ate some cooked rice it wasn't meant for him it was meant for the chickens but somehow he got to it and ate quite a bit. is she going to be alright, he looks fine so far Sent from my ZTE N9120 using TortForum mobile app

    Ticks everywhere...

    its been horrible the last two days I removed, 3 on my big sullie 3 on my small sullie, 3 on my female Boxi and two on my male boxie. of course they were underneath the neck behind the neck behind the legs.. so that you can barely get it . the reached in size of 2 mm to 1/4 inch, disgusting I...

    Is his beak to long?

    hi I was wondering if my EBT 's beak too long? I saw him trying to eat a tomato but inside the water pond and he had difficulty getting it.. I don't know if it's because of his beak or because it was in the water. if his beak is too long how would I shorten it thank you guys Sent from my ZTE...

    My Ebt Wont eat nothing else beside worms

    hi guys any advice on my EBT. he's been eating just night crawlers he doesn't want to eat anything else, I skip like even 2 to 4 days without the worms. but he still don't want to eat I offer cucumber tomatoes cantaloupe mushrooms,. watermelon and still nothing he just looks at it and then he...

    where do you buy your mazuri

    I was wondering where you guys buy yours at? truthfully mine never ate it before because I never knew about it, so should I still buy it for them now there are five years old, if so which brand is good and where would I buy it from thanks guys Sent from my ZTE N9120 using TortForum mobile app

    Can i feed my Sullie Oyster Shell ??

    hi i was wondering if i can sprinkle my 6 year old sully some of the oyster shell what i got for my chickens ?? its 100% oyster shell and it looks like tiny little rocks ?? any thoughts about it ??

    Super Angry !- Adoption Failed :(

    hello Guys i dont know if you guys remember but there was a huge thread about adopting an sully here in South Florida boca raton,he claimed he has no space and room for her- and dont have a clue about sullies. anyway the tread was made in the end of April- many of you replayed but most of the...

    how do eliminate ticks in the backyard

    hello I was wondering if there is anything I can use, to kill ticks in the backyard, without harming the grass so that the Turtles can still eat it. Thanks Sent from my ZTE N9120 using TortForum mobile app

    Sully has a tick on her neck..please advice

    I just noticed a brown tick, same color as the neck.. I never seen any ticks here. since I live in Florida 10 years now. I put some olive oil on there, would that make the tick die? how else can I get rid of it? Sent from my ZTE N9120 using TortForum mobile app

    How do get rid of Frogs- Please advice

    Hello guys I just noticed today that the frogs getting into my enclosure of my Boxies.. and they have been eating their food ! I always thought- wow they are very hungry little turtles... because they never want to eat in front of me... today I placed to food in there, and a few min. later I...