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    Are these plants safe to be growing in my yard that Tortoise has access to? Thanks

    The first two are the same plant.
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    What can be used as a water dish for desert tortoise?

    what do you use? I know it needs to be shallow so it’s safe, and big enough for him to fit in in case he wants to get inside to cool off. Thanks!
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    What’s the easiest way to block the gate from tortoise being able to dig it’s way out?

    We have our entire yard fenced with block wall. This one gate is the only possible way out. I’ve debated solutions and wasn’t sure what makes most sense. What are others doing?
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    Agapanthus confusion…are leaves bad or just the stems and flowers?

    Wondering because I’ve been told the leaves are ok. I’m not intentionally wanting to feed my tortoise the leaves but the ones in my yard that the tortoise won’t have access to have a ton of leaves and they stick out through the fencing where he’d have access to leaves only. I’d rather not chop...
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    please post photos of your attractive desert tortoise outdoor enclosure!

    Looking for ideas that are easy and look nice!
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    Is shell color in desert tortoises an indicator of anything?

    I’m new to desert tortoises and want to be sure I know. I notice some are tan and others shinier and darker
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    A few plants that my plant app is giving me several names for, please help me to identify

    The first two are the same thing- one from afar (it grows up the wall but does not have ivy shaped leaves) and one of the leaves up close, the other two are two different shrub type bushes. Thank you!
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    Burrow question: does a dog house replace a burrow in the ground? Do they need both?

    We are about to adopt a desert tortoise and are getting all prepared. We plan to create the burrow (as you will find attached to this post) this weekend but I see that many people use either the top of a dog house or the entire doghouse. We actually have a dog house that is just taking up space...
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    Fully landscaped backyard looks nothing like the Sonoran desert but still want a desert tortoise. Anyone in my boat and how can I make it work?

    I’m fully aware of poisonous plants and have someone coming to do a yard check before I get my tortoise. I’m just wanting to see how others in my boat have created a space for their tortoise. Thank you 😊