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  1. chaseswife

    Is Shrimp looking male or female?

    Perfect- exactly what I was hoping for!
  2. chaseswife

    Is Shrimp looking male or female?

    Happy birthday!
  3. chaseswife

    Is Shrimp looking male or female?

    I know nothing is for sure yet. And Shrimp is our one and only tortoise, so it doesn't even matter in the big scheme of things. It is just fun to speculate. The owners of Shrimps mom thought it would be fun to breed her once, just to experience babies... "one time". I don't compelty know how...
  4. chaseswife

    Is Shrimp looking male or female?

    Thanks for the reply @Bambam1989 .
  5. chaseswife

    Is Shrimp looking male or female?

    Shrimp is about 3 and a half years old now and right at 12 inches long. Is it just me, or is he looking kind of like a she?
  6. chaseswife

    What to do with an adult sulcata if ...

    My 12 year old son is planning on taking our tortoise when he has his own home AND I am ready to pass him on. If for some reason he can't take it I do have 4 other kids. The 12 year old has just put in the most effort into caring for our tortoise and has expressed the desire to have him.
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    Order Your Forum T-Shirt!

    I am putting my check in the mail today!
  8. chaseswife

    Order Your Forum T-Shirt!

    I think I just sent you a pm! I would love a shirt.
  9. chaseswife

    Long term care plan

    I have nothing set in stone yet, my sulcata is 1.5 years old and my kids are 12, 11, 10, 7, and 3. I am certain that in the future at least one of them will be in a situation to take care of him. I am only 32, so hopefully this is not something we need to worry about for a very long time.
  10. chaseswife

    Budgeting for an outdoor night box- ideas on size and cost?

    I am in Arizona. He has a 15x20 area of our yard sectioned off right now, prepared to go bigger as he grows. Indoor is 4x3, I know it is too small. I try to have him inside as little as possible- especially now that it is February and feels like spring. January was hard for us- colder than...
  11. chaseswife

    Budgeting for an outdoor night box- ideas on size and cost?

    Thanks @Tom ! That is exactly what I needed to know. Shrimp is about 7 inches now and around 3 pounds. He is outside during the day and is not happy anymore with our indoor enclosure. Hopefully we can get him outside full time in the next month.
  12. chaseswife

    Budgeting for an outdoor night box- ideas on size and cost?

    My sulcatta, Shrimp, is just about big enough to be outdoors all the time. I just need to build him a heated night box. I want to do it right, quality build with enough space that I only have to do this once. I plan on basing it off of @Tom 's idea that he has posted severally versions of...
  13. chaseswife

    Please add your sulcata age/weight.

    Shrimp is 17 months and weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces.
  14. chaseswife

    Lining walls of cage with tile?

    I don't know, our tile floors are the coldest thing in our whole house- no matter what the season or what our thermostat is set at. Seems like you would have to heat them up a lot to hold in the heat.
  15. chaseswife

    Sulcata Question

    My aunt gave shrimp to us as a hatchling. We were not actively seeking out a new pet before she offered. I don't think I knew much about sulcattas before we had him, but I found this website as soon as he was in my care.
  16. chaseswife

    Is 48" Long Turtle Aquarium Too Heavy to Set on A Regular Dresser?

    I think I would worry more about it being top heavy and possibly tipping over. But I have little kids and I am constantly hearing to anchor everything to the wall in fear that it will get tipped over from kids climbing on stuff.
  17. chaseswife

    Is owning a tortoise 'cool'

    I accepted our tort baby when he was offered because I thought owning a tort would be a cool experience, not because of how it would look to anyone else. My kids at least seem to think I am cool for having the tortoie. But to be honest, my oldest is 12. Right on the verge of being a teenager...
  18. chaseswife

    anyone excited for Independence Day resurgence?

    I am excited for it. But I have a thing for Jeff Goldblum. And I agree about will smith- I really don't care for his movies anymore.
  19. chaseswife

    Help with enclosure door (closed chamber)

    The whole top of my enclosure is made of shower curtains. The door opens and closes with zippers that I attached with duct tape. It holds humidity really well with out being a really tight seal.