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    Bender's Thread

    Hello Everyone! I received my little baby on tuesday =D He is the CUTEST thing! the sun was out for a bit before the clouds rolled in and was able to take him outside =) here are some pics So tiny even a mowed lawn is a jungle to him! The grass was filled with ladybugs and...
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    This Forum Is AWESOME

    I'm on Josh's tegu forum and recently discovered this one, THESE FORUMS ARE BOTH SO EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE AND VERY HELPFUL!! a huge thanks to everyone!!! Im learning new things every single day =)
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    I will FINALLY be getting my first tortoise!!

    Im SOOO excited!! I have had many turtles over the years but NEVER a tortoise and I'm not quite sure why! Come Tuesday I will have a Leopard Tortoise hatchling! Just can't wait! anyways, a little about myself, my name is Sarah and I'm in Southern California where it's nice and warm =) I...