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    Oh I love classic monsters... My oldest daughter has the classics posters framed in her bedroom. Love them, better than anything they have now!! Edit to add~ I love your work, especially your Frankie.. :)
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    August 16th birthday

    For the Birthday Wishes. I have missed the forum, thank you Birthday Fairy for reminding me that I needed to get my bottom over here and catch up on what I have been missing. Glad to see the graphics are still around.. :)
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    Bob poop

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HUgging Waldo and thanking him for having tiny poops.. That I hardley ever see.. lol.. Darn Bob is like having a small horse... Does it wash away in the rain or you have to pick it up daily?
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    Happy Ending... YAY
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    Pumpkin Day at the turtle farm

    Looks like Pumpkin Day was a big hit...
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    new baby--no name yet :D

    Aww a new baby girl.. Welcome NovaLee .. She is very cute!!!
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    Hi guys having a bit of an emergency...

    lol.. Maggie thats just what I was thinking.. Take him with you.. We had to do that with a baby blue Jay once.. Of course we drove to where we were going and had a hotel. So I was able to take everything I needed for him..
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    Nigel has lost his appetite

    Meg, I'm sorry Nigel is feeling bad.. I would try and get him to the vet on Monday. Do they take walk ins? I would't worry about him riding in the car. If we need to take Waldo anywhere, he just rides in our laps and he is fine with that. Maybe you can try a dark box so as not to upset him...
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    Izzy is gone

    Sorry I have been away from the site for a few days. I was wondering if there was any new news. Fingers crossed.. and fairy wishes~ its great news
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    Don't give up!!!

    Oh that is wonderful...
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    Awww thank ya'll so much.. Its a belated thank you.. :) And just for the record.. I was only 43 on that day only.. I am now back to 39 and holding.. lol.. Hugs everyone and thanks for the Birthday wishes..
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    Yall are welcome... It was straight from the heart just as it had happened.. And I do believe Max is the medicine you need at this time..
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    My box turtles - Pics :)

    Great pictures.. :) As always...
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    Pic of new apartment block from other side of the canal

    Yea but I cant keep up with how many sleeps we have left since my nights are not your nights.. IM lost!!! lol... Hmmm maybe wait until 5 nights left and do a count down.. lol..
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    PICS!!! Meet Dozer :)

    Chad I am so glad you were there to take him in and give him a great home.. He was very lucky he found you... He looks great.. :) Gotta love those faces..
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    Pic of new apartment block from other side of the canal

    oh what a tease you are.... lol... The wait is killing us.. lol..
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    3 inches!!! Oh I bet that is so cool have a tort be old but yet be only 3 inches becauses thats as big as he gets.. How long does it take to grow to a full 3 inches?
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    Many prayers for my Grandmother please

    lol "full of sex" lol... now you made me laugh.. Glad I could make you laugh..
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    OH Maggie I am so sorry about Big Bubba... And I promise it, Max will help.. You huggle and snuggle up to him you will scream when he bites your toes or jumps out from under the couch and grabs you lol.. but you will be thankful he is there.. he will help.. I lost my brother 4 years ago...
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    You're going nowhere missus!!!

    OMG I have found my PEOPLE!!! lol... Hubby and I had talked on the phone, pictures, emails snail mail, you name it, but it took almost 2 years before that first visit.. Oh Purp, you will have so many butterflies that day. I really REALLY thought I was going to pass out.. But during those two...