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    Bender's Thread

    Hello Everyone! I received my little baby on tuesday =D He is the CUTEST thing! the sun was out for a bit before the clouds rolled in and was able to take him outside =) here are some pics So tiny even a mowed lawn is a jungle to him! The grass was filled with ladybugs and...
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    AGREED! last week I was so excited for the weather to be warming up because I LOVE taking the reptiles outside for some sunshine but I was tricked!!! =( My little leopard hatchling arrived today and I SO WANT to take him outside for some sunshine but I guess that won't be happening this week =(
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    Chula Vista city council to BAN reptiles

    For those who live in California THE SNAKE BAN HAS COME! Not only is the city of Chula Vista proposing to ban ALL BOAS AND PYTHONS over 3.5 feet as well as ALL monitors, BUT they are also trying to ban rodents and birds!!!! SOO many problems in the world yet they decide that taking...
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    This Forum Is AWESOME

    I'm on Josh's tegu forum and recently discovered this one, THESE FORUMS ARE BOTH SO EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE AND VERY HELPFUL!! a huge thanks to everyone!!! Im learning new things every single day =)
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    I will FINALLY be getting my first tortoise!!

    Thanks everyone! I've been wanting a tortoise forEVER! I've had mostly sliders and musk turtles, many of them given to me because they were unwanted (friends would give them to me after getting them from fairs and carnivals) Lots of them came to me in pretty bad conditions but nothing that...
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    I will FINALLY be getting my first tortoise!!

    Im SOOO excited!! I have had many turtles over the years but NEVER a tortoise and I'm not quite sure why! Come Tuesday I will have a Leopard Tortoise hatchling! Just can't wait! anyways, a little about myself, my name is Sarah and I'm in Southern California where it's nice and warm =) I...