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  1. Avarice29


    It's been a very long time since I've had to deal with roaches. The other night as I went to feed my dogs, I noticed around a dozen roaches on the wall. A few have come in the house and when I tried to clean where I found the roaches, short of a hundred came out running in every direction...
  2. Avarice29

    Acceptable substrate for a RES

    Its been a while since my last post on, I do keep up with threads .. anyways Is there any acceptable substrate for an RES in a 20 gal tank I have two small ones, like fit in my palm small lol... and theyre poop machines but since I dont have any substrate, does anyone recommend one or should I...
  3. Avarice29

    Question about fertilizer

    With the cold our usually green yard has turned yellow. My torts love grazing but yesterday my dad bought some fertilizer the grass. My question is how many weeks do I have to wait so my torts can begin grazing again?
  4. Avarice29

    General Questions?

    I went the the Pomona reptile show and as I was walking along, I saw this tortoise. The cutest little thing i've ever seen... it was a pancake tortoise! I've never seen any other tort with its unique shape. How different are they to other species? What about their habitat set up? What...
  5. Avarice29

    type of filtration?

    I've been using a few filters and the current one I'm using stopped working. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good filter? Anyone have experience with canister filters? I have a few sliders so... They're very messy :P
  6. Avarice29


    I've been looking at a lot of pictures of their beautiful torts and I think I have the bug. I've found myself wanting one... But out of a lot of wonderful torts... I really want a Redfoot tortoise. I already have 2 desert tortoises, if I provide enough space could I care for a Redfoot? My...
  7. Avarice29


    I've seen MANY threads talking or mentioning Mazuri. I looked it up, but i'm still a bit confused. What exactly is Mazuri? Is it healthier than Spring Mix for my torts? If I were to invest, would my torts eat it, or would they avoid it like they have so many pet smart/co store items in the...
  8. Avarice29

    Picking the right Lizard

    I've been a member for a while.. I own 2 torts and 3 water turtles.. I love my lil guys but... lately whenever I go to my local pet smart/ petco stores... I find myself observing lizards. I saw this white bearded dragon.. and I wanted to buy it.. but I am a complete novice with lizards. Here...
  9. Avarice29

    what to expect at an EXPO?

    I've been checking online and a reptile EXPO is coming to Anaheim Ca, real close to me. NARBC EXPO if that matters... What should I expect if I go? What do you guys at any EXPO? It will be my first one... So I don't really know what to expect ^^
  10. Avarice29


    I don't know how to explain this really but... I have kind of a spider problem. I don't know if its serious it not but I'm a bit worried it might cause some problems.... Where I keep my torts... I've noticed a few spiders.... I usually capture them in a small glass and move them to the front...
  11. Avarice29


    Since I'm at college most of the time my mom feeds my torts and I ask her to let them roam around both front and backyard(supervised of course) The other day she told me that while in the front yard, one of my torts was munching away and the sprinkler system started. She told me that my tort...
  12. Avarice29

    Red Eared Slider?

    I'm still fairly new to the reptilian world and a few days ago I found that out that a neighbor of mine owns turtles.... I think they're red Eared sliders... Because of the red lines on both sides of the neck.. Anyways when I asked him how they were doing, he picked one up and it had nail polish...
  13. Avarice29

    Brand New to the Reptilian World, need help!

    Hi everyone, I have always been an animal lover, I've taken care of dogs and some bids, but never for a reptile. Two days ago, my neighbor gave me a small Desert Tortoise. I have no idea how to care care of him/her. I was amazed to see how big it is and its a hatchling (i think this is the...