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  1. ewam

    Hygrometer placement

    I would put it either next to the aloe plant almost under the ramp or next to the hide on the ground on the other side of the lamp.
  2. ewam

    NEW pics of Sonne :D (growth lines in 2 weeks?!)

    Wow I really like the shell pattern.
  3. ewam

    Ollie the sulcata

    Welcome to the forum! The color is very nice on his shell.
  4. ewam

    Tlady's tortoise seed mix

    Sorry I put my I pod in my pocket without locking it and it must have typed and sent this.
  5. ewam

    Leave tortoise alone for a week?

    Or not feed him 2 days before and then feed him a whole lot the day before so he will be very full.
  6. ewam

    Leave tortoise alone for a week?

    You can plant a plant or grass.
  7. ewam

    Tlady's tortoise seed mix

    Judd dujii
  8. ewam

    Settling into the new enclosure...

    Ya that is pretty nice, and Tico looks good too.
  9. ewam

    leopard tortoise eggs

    Ok, well let's hope that something hatches from one of those eggs.
  10. ewam

    leopard tortoise eggs

    Why does digging nest mean that the eggs aren't fertile?
  11. ewam

    Has anyone bought from Woody's Reptiles?

    If you look at all their pictures of their tortoises as adults they are as smooth as can be and the pictures of the babies look good too. It also shows the enclosure that he keeps them in.
  12. ewam

    New Leopard Tort.

    Hey welcome to the forum! Do you have any pictures we can see of him/her.
  13. ewam

    Could i please see pics of your multi-story tort table?

    It wouldn't be too close.
  14. ewam


    Just though of this there is clear Gatorade that you can use that wouldn't have artificial coloring, and I didn't mention if it does turn out to be ok to do, I would also mix it with mostly water.
  15. ewam


    Maybe them drinking it would good for them but if you soak them in it then you would have to soak them in water afterwards to clean them off or else they would be all red or blue. Also I wouldn't do this every day though maybe once a week because all living things need water, and a daily basis...
  16. ewam


    We have a big list of vets for every state here and you can see if there is any vets close to you. Also pictures would us figure out what it is.[hr] We have a big list of vets for every state here and you can see if there is any vets close to you. Also pictures would us figure out what it is.
  17. ewam

    Survival Instincts ??

    Hmmm. Not sure, maybe they are just adapted to it being cold at night and they might not realize how cold it will get after they fall asleep.
  18. ewam

    Long Time No See

    Nice pictures.
  19. ewam

    spray gel......deodrant......aftershave.......tiago......

    No the little amount that would go into his enclosure wouldn't be noticed.
  20. ewam

    Drooling Sulcata??

    I'm not sure if Bing ever has because where he sleeps the ground is al ready moist.