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    Winter feeding?

    My Skittles is 2 1/2 years old and around 30lbs...he/she has a nice warm outdoor house and have heard not to feed them in there house? It is cold out side and skittles doesn't come out right do I feed and water? Thanks
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    winter feeding ?

    so Skittles is a little over 2 now and close to 20lbs. outside full time. big heated house and comes out everyday to eat grass and from his food bowl. Just wondering when it gets colder out will he/she come out to eat? I think I read not to feed them in there house. Thoughts....... Thanks Jack
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    night box ?

    So i live in northern california......My Sulcata is 2 years and about 20lbs. I am finishing up my night box to move him/her out is insulater and heated but wondering if i still run day time lighting? I am guessing a basking light my not be needed? Thanks for any help
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    first time out for the night ?

    So my Skittles is 2 today and 14.6 lbs. He/she is out side all day every day but comes in at night. I built a temp house ( cardboard box) for now while i finish his/her big house. I want to leave skittles out to night and see how it goes.....Low's are 67f and just for a few hrs. anyway we have...
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    Move out side ?

    so Skittles is 21 months old and about 10 lbs....I am wanting to move him/her out side. I will have a yard and a fully set up house. Just wondering if he/she is big enough to move out side? Has really out grown the inside enclosure.... Thanks
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    Morning Glory

    I have a ? about morning glory. It is on the do not feed list and it says because of seeds. Just wondering if the flowers or leaves are also bad? Thanks Jack
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    Bought some Mazuri

    So my Skittles is 6 months today......Doing really well. he is 116g today. I just bought some Mazuri...25lb....should be here in a couple of days. Just wondering how much and how you would feed it to my little guy? Thanks Jack
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    Friends Tortoise.....Pinky

    Took my friends some cactus for there tortoise......I think Pinky likes Jack
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    Jack @ Trinas first Sulcata Tortoise

    We are hoping to name it this weekend..... This is the start 6-13-19
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    Arcadia 12% UVB T5 HO

    Anyone know how much extra heat a 4' Arcadia 12% UVB T5 HO light might add ? I am already at about 92f at the end of the day. Thanks Jack
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    Pictures ?

    What is everyone taking pictures with ? There are some great pictures posted on here. I use my phone but cant get pictures near as good as most. What are you using ? Thanks Jack
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    food ?

    So I have my first tortoise.... A Sulcata that is about 7 weeks now. It eats really well and everything I have fed it. I am learning how much to feed. Do you pick up the food they have not eaten ? if not how long do you leave it ? Just keep adding to it......Just wondering what everyone does...
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    Infrared Thermometer ?

    Hey all. I am in the market for an Infrared Thermometer. Just wondering if there is a brand everyone likes ? They are cheap enough but also dont want a piece of junk. Thanks Jack
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    Inkbird ibs-th1

    I have been using this for about a month now and am very happy with it. I just ordered another. Battery is wrong on this as it takes 1 aaa battery which I am very happy about. IBS-TH1: A humidity and temperature data logger with External probe,which can monitor the humidity & temperature by...
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    Take hatchling outside ?

    I need to take my Hatchling Sulcata outside for some uv. I have a litter box with some orchid bark and a wire top....Think that will work for awhile ? I will also make sure there is some shade. Or is there a better way ? Thanks Jack
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    lights go out

    so I got my first tortoise today (Sulcata hatchling) Just wondering what they do when the lights go out ? Do they stay put or can they see enough to cruze around ? should the lights dim before they go dark ? I searched but didn't find what I was looking for. Thanks Jack
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    First Tortoise

    I'm 59 years old and just got home with my first Tortoise....I am beyond happy :) Jack
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    Humidity ?

    Trying to get a closed enclosure set up so I can get a Sulcata hatchling soon. I have it pretty well sealed up. Temps seem to hold in the 85 F range. Just 65w flood. Still playing with basking temps, I think a little high at 105-107. I have about 3" of Fir bark. Humidity seems to hold around...
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    Basking light

    For a basking light I am using a 65w flood. It is as high as I can mount it and by the end of the day it works its way up to about 107 deg F. That is at top of shell. Pretty sure that is to warm ? Any idea if a 50w my lower the temp to closer to 100 deg F. ? Thanks Jack
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    Fir bark

    Found this at my local Ace Hardware......Hope it is what i need ? Jack